Five Benefits of Using WordPress

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Think of ten websites you’ve visited recently. Chances are that three or four of them are WordPress sites. The New York Times, IBM, Seven Ages Design - all are built using WordPress.

While it started as a humble blogging platform back in 2003, WordPress now powers more than thirty percent of what you see online. Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar store setting up your first website, a growing eCommerce retailer, or a household name; WordPress can effectively and efficiently provide world-class solutions for your online initiatives.

While many web development platforms have come and gone, here are just five of the many reasons WordPress is the premier choice for organizations the world over.

WordPress is Good for SEO

Search engines tend to direct users toward content-rich websites due to their ability to satisfactorily answer users’ queries. Likewise, WordPress started as a blogging platform tailor-made for making, distributing, and viewing content.

The result is a match made in heaven: WordPress enables admins to easily create and publish content for search engines to index and direct users towards.

However, search engines don’t like just any content - they like optimized content. Thankfully, WordPress sites are designed to be responsive; so any content you create and publish on your site will look great no matter what device it’s being viewed from!

WordPress Sites Are Secure

In today’s online landscape, you can never be too safe. That’s why WordPress commits to making cybersecurity simple for its users. By checking a single box in your settings, you ensure that your site and all of its themes and plugins will receive regular updates automatically.

These periodic updates serve a variety of purposes - they can boost site performance, enhance security, and even clear your site of clutter and bugs. WordPress also enables admins to easily integrate additional security features without having to sacrifice the experience of your website’s visitors.

WordPress Customization is Effortless

Whether you’re trying to increase your website's ranking with search engines, boost social media sharing, recapture customers who abandon their carts, or anything in between; there’s definitely a plugin for it. There’s also a huge selection of custom themes you can use to make your site truly yours.

While WordPress’ customization options seem almost limitless, there is a caveat - some plugins and themes don’t fit well with others, and some will simply not work well for the kind of website your business requires. Luckily, we at Seven Ages have spent years perfecting our WordPress development process to ensure that we can make your custom WordPress site look and feel its best at all times.

WordPress Has a Strong Developer Community

Due to its ease of access and robust infrastructure, WordPress has attracted a huge number of skilled developers to the platform. These devoted developers continuously help the platform meet increasing performance and security demands, while also developing and optimizing plugins. It’s thanks to these developers that regular updates and patches are released to support the platform and help it maintain its reputation.
This attraction of talented developers onto the platform also ensures that new features, themes, and tools are constantly being innovated. As new types of websites become more and more in demand, WordPress developers like Seven Ages Design will quickly work to ensure the platform can effectively satisfy demand. Regardless of your personal expertise when it comes to working with WordPress, you’ll quickly find that you’re never far from a dedicated and helpful community.

WordPress Sites Allow for Easy API Integration

Whether you’re trying to drive traffic to social channels or use specific payment processing software - WordPress has committed to making thousands of APIs available, allowing developers access to helpful outside resources. This ease of API integration is one of the many reasons WordPress remains one of the most robust, scalable, and reliable platforms on which to build a custom website.

WordPress websites are both secure and endlessly customizable, boasting thousands of plugins and even more themes to make your site truly unique. These websites are also easily transferable and perfectly tailored to help make boosting SEO an intuitive process. And, if you need help, our Seven Ages developers will be there to assist at every step of the way.
It’s this guarantee of having a website that’s beautiful, secure, and engaging that keeps us at Seven Ages Design standing by (and using) WordPress every day.

Contact Seven Ages Design today to find out how we can use Wordpress to make your website the best it can be!

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