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If you want to be able to guarantee that your website and its sensitive information are secure, it needs to have an SSL Certificate.

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What is an SSL Certificate?

Internet users are increasingly worried about the security of their sensitive information and for good reason: the United States is the number one country for targeted internet attacks and data breaches. It isn’t just individuals who should be worried, though. Data breaches routinely cost US companies an average of $7.91 million while taking an average of six months to detect. With such malicious and costly targeting happening right beneath our noses, the task of strengthening our website’s cybersecurity might seem daunting. However, one tool has proven to be extremely effective in improving data security for websites: SSL certificates.

Chances are, you’ve browsed the web and noticed the increasing number of websites that are proudly brandishing a padlock next to their URL. This padlock acts as a symbol, certifying that the site is protected from outside interference; it’s secure. It also shows that the website you’re looking at falls under the category of HTTPS, which is more secure than its counterpart, HTTP. This is because it has an SSL Certificate. When a user tries to access an HTTPS website, their browser requests a proof of ownership from that site to validate its authenticity.

The SSL Certificate acts as that digital proof of ownership. Once the site has been validated, a secure sockets layer (SSL) is overlaid in the connection between the site and the user, encrypting all data communicated between the two. This prevents malicious entities from stealing or accessing the information being communicated between your website’s visitors and the site itself. With an SSL certificate, you guarantee that unauthorized bodies cannot access your customers’ sensitive information, like their phone and credit card numbers.

Seven Ages Design recommends that websites of all sizes invest in having an SSL certificate installed. The layer of heightened security is essential for any website, regardless of the nature of information being shared by its visitors. Whether your website deals with social information or handles and stores financial data, like credit card and social security numbers, you owe it to your customers to demonstrate your dedication to their privacy. An SSL certificate represents that you value your clients’ security above all else, and that makes a difference in an age when data is routinely being breached.

5 Reasons You Need an SSL Certificate

Having an SSL Certificate isn’t just necessary for protecting clients’ data. There are many benefits of possessing one, and we’ve detailed them for you below.

Gain Client Trust

Your clients’ options for picking out service providers and retailers are limitless. With millions of results found by just a quick search on Google or Bing, it becomes a race to differentiate yourself from your competition. In an age where sensitive data is both increasingly valuable and vulnerable, clients are rightfully turned off by sites that aren’t visibly secure. By purchasing an SSL certificate and outfitting your URL with that padlock, you’re communicating to your customers that their information will always be safe with you and that you value their security as much as you do their business.

Faster Load Times

Just as a website’s security is essential to users, so too is how fast it loads on their screen. It’s been found that 53% of users will abandon a website if it takes 3 or more seconds for a page to load. Websites with an SSL certificate load an average of 80% faster than their HTTP classified counterparts.

Boost SEO

Beyond the fact that Google has confirmed that increased loading speeds affect rankings, having an SSL certificate in and of itself has become paramount to search engines. Previously, a secure website on Google was represented by a padlock and an insecure website was represented by a warning triangle. Earlier this year, Google announced two significant things: that going forward, only websites without an SSL certificate will have one of these labels, and that websites with an SSL certificate will now be ranked higher. Google is shifting the expectations of its users so that they always expect the websites they’re visiting to be secure from outside interruption. Simply put, Google wants your website to guarantee protection to its visitors via SSL certificates. If you have an SSL certificate, you’ll rank higher. If you don’t, you shouldn’t be surprised to see a competitor’s site appear before yours on search results.

Cost Effective

When you consider the monumental costs associated with a data breach, installing an SSL certificate seems like a no-brainer. The cost of installing an SSL is minuscule compared to the customer loyalty and subsequent revenue you’ll retain by demonstrating your dedication to protecting information. Regardless of the industry you’re in, your web development team should always be equipped to install an SSL certificate and modify any existing security protocols to fit your cybersecurity needs.

Receive Online Payments

Protecting client information is imperative, regardless of what kind of website you’re operating. Protecting sensitive data is especially crucial if you’re running an eCommerce site or if you’re receiving payments of any kind online. SSL Certificates ensure customer safety and guard against credit card fraud and identity theft by encrypting the data that’s communicated to your site’s forms. With an ever-changing digital landscape and the increasing number of breaches in data, web security ought to be your site’s number one priority, both today and for the years ahead.


SSL Certificate Installation

We at Seven Ages Design recognize that, with the right SEO, PPC, and social media campaigns, your audience reach is going to consistently grow. With that surge in traffic comes a demand for web security needs. An SSL Certificate is a shield against intruders who might want access to your website and its visitors’ private data. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of cybersecurity and experience with SSL certificate installation. We ensure that every new website we work on is equipped with one and is ready to handle any of the security challenges that might come. You can’t afford to not invest in protecting your customers’ information by purchasing an SSL Certificate.

Seven Ages Design is a web development agency in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our expertly trained staff of creative and innovative developers enable us to tackle the unique challenges posed to us by clients of all sizes and industries.

From protecting private personal details to sensitive data like credit card information, it can seem like an immense challenge to provide your users with the security they deserve.

One tool has become a key cybersecurity solution and we couldn’t recommend it more. Not only does an SSL Certificate protect communication between your website and its visitors from hackers, but it also boosts your site’s Google rankings and load times, all while being cost effective and integral to promoting customer loyalty. There’s nothing about this tool that isn’t useful, and that’s why we at Seven Ages Design swear by its effectiveness. An SSL Certificate is truly a necessity for every website.

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