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Improve security and climb the search engine results by installing an SSL Certificate on your company website.

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What is an SSL Certificate?


A Secure Sockets Layer certificate or SSL certificate for short is an important layer of security for any website on the internet today. Every site, regardless of its purpose, should be secure and safe for your customers. Even if you’re not receiving payments or collecting personal information from your online visitors. From smaller one page websites to large e-commerce web-stores, every website should have an SSL certificate installed in 2018.

One of the biggest fears that website owners express is the fear of their website getting hacked and losing sensitive information. Because of this, Seven Ages Design highly recommends purchasing a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. An SSL certificate is essentially both an online identification card and a padlock in a tidy package. This means that your site will be secure, hackers won’t be able to obtain information sent between your viewers and your website, and your site is verified by a Certificate Authority.

Installing an SSL Certificate with Our Developers

At Seven Ages Design, our web development experts are experienced with SSL certificate installation. We ensure that every new website is secure and comes equipped this technology to keep your customers safe and your online data protected. With proper SEO, Social Media, and PPC campaigns in place, the reach for your website is limitless and your traffic is consistently growing. Ensure your website visitors are secure and their data is safe, regardless of your content, by installing an SSL certificate on your website.

We believe your security is a very serious matter. Because of this, we choose to use 2048-bit encryption on all SSL certificates we provide. This means your site is protected by the strongest encryption available on the market. With an SSL certificate provided by Seven Ages Design, your site will be super secure and virtually uncrackable.

SSL Certificates Provide:

  • 2048-bit encryption - the strongest available to consumers
  • Compatibility with all major browsers
  • Boosts SEO ranking
  • Displays a "Secure" icon on your site
  • Unlimited re-issuance of your SSL certificate
  • Customer confidence
  • Protection on unlimited servers
  • Subdomain protection

How Does an SSL Certificates Work?

When users view an SSL-secured website, the certificate creates a secure browsing connection. The web browser the viewer is using creates what's called a digital handshake. This means that the browser and the web server are communicating using the same language - one that's unique to that particular connection. After the handshake is complete, the browser informs you that the connection is secure by using a padlock icon in the browser's search bar. This icon indicates that every source on the web page is completely secure, and nothing that the browser and server are sending back and forth can be decrypted by an outside source. Once you see the padlock, you can rest easy knowing your site and data are safe!

6 Reasons Your Website Needs An SSL Certificate in 2018


Gain Your Customers Trust

Your customers most likely have multiple options when it comes to purchasing the goods and services your business provides. With the web at their fingertips, it only takes a simple Google Search to find your competitors. Your web visitors will immediately be notified if your site isn’t secure and that will most likely affect their decision to do business with you – especially online. A simple SSL certificate installation will make your site secure and prevent any warning messages of an insecure site popping up when your customers browse your site online.

Hacker Protection

A secure site with a proper SSL certificate installed encrypts the data between your company website and the device an internet browser uses to view your site. Simply put this prevents anyone from intercepting important data you may be collecting from your customers online. Additionally, a secure site prevents hackers from being able to duplicate your site elsewhere on the web. Hackers use intercepted data to impersonate sites online in order to gain access to personal information and spread dangerous viruses and malware.

Improve Load Times

Search engines rank your company website based on multiple factors, content, backlinks, mobile optimization and security are extremely important when climbing the charts. Recently page speed has been classified as an important ranking consideration when it comes to the world’s most popular search engine. Additionally, your website visitors are more likely to return to your site when it functions properly and quickly on any device. SSL certificate installations have been shown to speed up load times, improving user experience and improving search result rankings.

Search Engine Optimization

On top of the warnings your website visitors receive if your site isn’t secure, not having an SSL certificate installed will directly affect your search results. Google has stated that in an effort to maintain security and protect internet users they will be weighing website security heavily when it comes to search result rankings. Simply put, if your competitor’s website is secure and yours isn’t, they will rank higher than you on a search results page.

Cost Effective For Any Budget

Considering the mountain of benefits and safety issues having a secure site entails, the installation of a SSL certificate is surprisingly affordable. Regardless of site size and traffic, your site should be secure and your customer’s protection should be at the forefront of your priority list. With the ever-changing digital landscape, your web development team should be equipped to install an SSL certificate and monitor the need for any future updates to security on your company site.

Receiving Payments Online

While installing an SSL certificate is important regardless of your website content, it is absolutely imperative if you run an e-commerce site or receive payments online. SSL certificates ensure customer safety and prevent credit card fraud on your website. With the ever-changing security landscape and the growing importance of online reviews, having a secure website should be the #1 priority for your digital presence in 2018.

3 Reasons Your Website Should Have an SSL Certificate


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