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Your web traffic depends heavily on how high your business ranks compared to your competitors on search engine results.

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What Is Search Engine Optimization?


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is a set of rules that a website owner can follow to help make their site more visible on search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the like. On top of being a cornerstone for your website’s search engine ranking, good SEO practices can act as a guideline to help make your site more user-intuitive and easy to use.

SEO balances your digital marketing efforts to maximize search results and drive more potential customers to your website. At Seven Ages Design, we have a skilled team of professional SEO specialists to ensure your site is optimized to increase your search engine results and improve your ranking.

Why is SEO Important?


When you search for something on Google, or any other search engine, the order that results are displayed is based on complex algorithms. These algorithms take a lot of things into account to decide which pages should be shown first, second, etc. When you use good SEO practices, you can help to ensure that your website shows up at the top of the listing. This means you’ll have more people clicking on your site.

Research shows that over 70% of consumers do not expand their searches past the first page on Google/Bing/Yahoo. Having the proper SEO strategy in place ensures that you not only appear on the first page but rank high on the list to guarantee more potential customers reach your website.

  • Organic Search

    Your SEO campaign should employ the proper methods to directly impact your search results when potential customers search relevant keywords associated with your business. Steps need to be taken in order to guarantee your website is properly designed and set up to maximize an effective SEO strategy.

  • Local/Regional Search

    Your SEO strategy should ensure local potential clients find your business first when searching online. Essential processes such as claiming your business on Google and relevant area keywords are in place to drive local and regional traffic to your site.

  • Citations/Link Building

    Mentions of your business’s name, address, and phone number should be in place when implementing an effective SEO strategy. Growing these mentions, with a focus on citations that also include linking back to your website’s landing pages is an important rule to building a strong and effective SEO marketing strategy.

  • Onsite Optimization

    Your website should be enabled to allow search engines to crawl and understand the content effectively to maximize results. Your web developer should understand the need for properly built and well written pages within your website. Search engines utilize everything on your website to determine how well it matches up to relevant keyword searches and where to place your site within their results pages.

  • Offsite Optimization

    Your marketing efforts should be strengthened by strong offsite relationships that link back to your landing pages. These efforts are maximized by having strong Social Media and brand relationships tying back to your website which will directly impact search results.

SEO Benefits


Increase Visibility

Appear on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo when customers search for your services. Studies show almost all users make their selection from the first page of search engine results. Implementing a strong SEO strategy will help your website climb to the first page and make sure it stays there.

Out-place Competition

Place your business higher in the results compared to your competitors. As simple as 1, 2, 3 potential customers are more likely to visit your site or make contact based on where you land when searching for keywords relevant to your business. Grab that coveted 1st position with a successful SEO strategy.

Drive Business

Grow your company’s digital footprint by increasing web traffic. Improved positions on search results pages will directly lead to more web traffic and in turn more business. Is your phone ringing enough? Chances are your business could benefit from a better SEO strategy to increase calls and customer outreach.

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Seven Ages Design has a long list of satisfied clients across the United States. We have proudly worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes. From educational institutions like North Carolina State University to chart topping major record labels like Warner Brothers and Island Records, we have proudly worked with some of the best organizations in the world, while also priding ourselves on our business relationships within our community and local startups across the country.

Our team of experts is extremely knowledgeable about marketing your business, and our experience has enabled our digital branding agency in Raleigh, NC to grow year after year due to our hands-on approach to every client and job we take on. We understand the unique challenges you face when marketing your business on the world wide web.

Custom web development is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to marketing your business, and Seven Ages Design has the experts in place to ensure your business meets its marketing goals. From Social Media, PPC and SEO to email marketing and video content, we handle the entire end to end experience for any marketing efforts your business needs.

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