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75% of users never click past the first search results they see. With Seven Ages Design managing your SEO, your site will be among those first results.

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How Does SEO Benefit Me?

We’ve all been there: we’re trying to research a great company, only to spend our time exhaustively clicking through pages of search results. By the time we’re a few pages deep, we’re either immensely frustrated or we get distracted and just abandon our search altogether. By not being able to easily find what we’re looking for, we’re left dissatisfied in our search, while the company we looked for is left without our business. This result doesn’t have to be the norm for your business and its customers. Thankfully, with Seven Ages Design’s SEO strategies and expert staff it, won’t ever be again.


What is SEO?

With regards to an effective web presence, two critical questions businesses must answer are “How do you make your site rank higher?” and “How do you make more people click on your site instead of the competition’s?”. That's where search engine optimization comes in - SEO for short.


SEO refers to a large set of practices that you can employ to increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your website via organic search engine results. When breaking down this definition, a few words pop out: quality, quantity, and organic. Quality traffic is best defined as users who are genuinely interested in what your website represents. Furthermore, you’ll want the highest quantity of those quality site visits as possible, hence the focus on quantity. Finally, your biggest hope should be that this increased level of quality traffic comes from people who are organically searching for those terms, and not from clicks on ads. Now that you know what SEO is on a basic level, you’re likely thinking: “But how do I do that? How do I actually go about boosting my page’s position, let alone making people click on it? How does it work?”

How Does SEO Work?

In order to start building your SEO strategy, you need to have a base understanding of how search engines work and how your site fits into their process. It’s safe to say that most people think of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! as sites where you pose a question into their search bars and magically, in no time at all, you receive your answer.

In reality, here’s what really happens when you hit “Search”: search engines send out crawlers that scour the web and extract data from the sites they visit. Once the crawlers have collected data, their findings are translated into a legible index for the search engine. The search engine then sorts through this index using its algorithm to match that data to the terms of your query. When it’s done sorting, the algorithm brings sites that it deems to be most relevant and useful, and those sites are placed to the top of the search results you see.


If you ask ten experts which factor is most important to a search engine’s algorithms, you’ll get ten different answers. While this is frustrating, SEO and digital marketing professionals have at least come to a consensus as to what combination of factors search engine algorithms are considering. These include things like the number of links to the domain, quality and authority of link sources, mentions of your brand or site in external media, content length and uniqueness, and mobile responsiveness. Now that you have a basic understanding of the SE part of SEO, what about that third letter? How are you supposed to optimize your site for search engines?

There are an endless number of ways to ensure that your site yields the highest level of quality organic searches. While easier changes like installing an SSL certificate on your site, securing your Maps listing, and linking to your social media pages are excellent first steps towards maximizing your web presence, those techniques only make up a piece of the SEO puzzle. In reality, the best way to make sure that your site is primed for search engines and their billions of users is to hire an expert team of SEO professionals like ours at Seven Ages Design.

The Benefits of SEO


SEO boasts the ability to maximize your brand’s reach while trumping your competition in both leads and conversions, all from a few key tweaks and alterations. Sorting through the noise of internet gurus and listicles just to find the right answers about how to effictively boost your site’s SEO is a hassle. We recognize that it’s not luck that gets businesses to the front page of Google - it’s skill.  That’s why we at Seven Ages Design have spent years perfecting our SEO strategy. From honing our knowledge about how search engines operate to fine-tuning our responses to changes in the algorithm, and so much more, we’re committed to maximizing your ROI.

Whether you’re trying to capture the 72% of users who visited a physical store after conducting a local search, or attempting to garner national attention for your business, our veteran SEO team will make it happen. Our enthusiastic staff will also show you how SEO and PPC advertising can work hand-in-hand with our specialized keyword monitoring service. Furthermore, we pride ourselves in our ability to effectively utilize inbound strategies for SEO, such as organic search, which has proven be even more effective at closing sales. Just as we recognize the importance of building your SEO strategy off-site, we never forget to bring it home. Our engineers have also perfected the process of using backlinks and citations as a means of bolstering your site’s reputation with search engines. We’ll also employ specific measures to make your site perform optimally and more securely. Our team will also be closely monitoring your competitors’ strategies to make sure that you always stay one step ahead and one rung above them. When you use Seven Ages Design for SEO, it’s a guarantee that you can expect your site to appear on the first page of search results in no time.

Local Search

When it comes down to it, people like using local businesses. The convenience and sense of community afforded by shopping local are just a few of the reasons that 46% of searches conducted are of local nature and why 92% of people choose businesses on the first page of local search results. Investing in local SEO isn’t a matter of if you should or shouldn’t. If you’re going to remain competitive, it’s an absolute must. Our expert SEO staff will map out how we’re going to bring your website to that critical first page. Strategies, like using new combinations of keywords while optimizing existing ones, improving your site’s internal linking structure, and fully securing your Google My Business listing, are just a few of the ways we’ll bring your business to the top of local search results.

Organic SEO

With 70% of clicks going to the first five results on search engines’ first pages, it seems obvious that you need your business to hold one of those coveted spots. With Seven Ages Design’s combination of skills, like our aggressive keyword optimization and masterfully crafted content, we know how to make websites like yours preferred by search engine algorithms. We also recognize that search engines love to direct their users to sites that not only work but are a pleasure to experience across all devices. That’s why we’ll offer solutions on how to effectively streamline your site’s UX without sacrificing performance or security. When you trust your organic SEO to us, you’re ensuring you’ll be that much more ahead of your competition.

Rankings and SERPs

Understanding how to keep search engines’ algorithms boosting your ranking is one of the most frustrating aspects of website ownership. Thankfully, our staff has spent years successfully cracking that code for clients of all sizes and industries. Using a data-driven approach, we’ll evaluate how your site is performing relative to key metrics that search engines like Google are looking for. Once we’ve assessed the situation, we’ll get to work optimizing your site by providing comprehensive and proven strategies: building extensive backlinks, providing prolific and unique content latent with keywords, and working to boost CTR. If you’re looking to have your site soar through the rankings, you’ve come to the right place.

Keyword Monitoring

Knowing which keywords to use and how to use them is an essential skill in building any SEO strategy. Once we’ve solidified which keywords are best for increasing SEO, our team will get to work. We’ll run detailed analyses on how well your site ranks for certain keywords, while also looking for changes in your site’s ranking for monitored keywords. We’ll also be keeping our eyes on the big picture by alerting you to changes in competition levels for each chosen keyword. We guarantee that by using our keyword monitoring strategies, your content will be more efficient in communicating with its audience, while also becoming more effective at winning over search engine algorithms.

Competitive Intelligence

With Seven Ages Design’s SEO team, you’ll always be one step ahead of your competitors. We'll help you find your primary SEO competitors before we dissect their individual SEO tactics. Using our vast array of tools, we’ll create an actionable plan that bolsters your current plan while incorporating successful aspects of SEO leaders in your space. We’ll help you examine your competitor’s social media strategy, decipher their backlink profiles, and even optimize your site’s performance. These are just a few of the ways Seven Ages Design is going to propel your site’s SEO above the rest of the competition.

Link Building and Citations

Building a strong network of authoritative sources linking to your site, as well as references to your own pages, is a tenet of any strong SEO campaign. According to recent studies, the number of domains linking to a webpage correlated to that page’s respective rankings more than any other factor. Using high-quality visual assets, comprehensive list posts, and our patented email marketing strategy, we’ll help get your site linked to key players online, and tactfully reference component pages of your website throughout the rest of your site. On top of securing your Google MyBusiness profile, our SEO staff will also make sure your site is cited in as many relevant directories as possible; this way, anyone who wants to find you can do so easily.

Onsite/Offsite Optimizations

SEO is all about one thing: attention to detail. We at Seven Ages Design have known this for years, and are proud to show you how we’ll make your SEO strategy bulletproof. Once we have a good idea of which keywords will work best for your site given their performance and the state of competition in your field, we’ll begin the process of painstakingly placing them in positions that maximize their ROI. This includes placing those keywords in unsuspecting places like meta tags, meta descriptions, and even the URLs of relevant pages. On top of yielding high-quality backlinks to your site, we’ll also boost your offsite SEO by fostering high quality content, ripe for sharing among your audience. Regardless of the task at hand is for boosting your SEO, we will rise to the occasion.

Search engine optimization is a key component of any successful digital marketing strategy. While its landscape is ever-changing, we at Seven Ages Design have dedicated ourselves to consistently providing our clients with a set of expertly crafted SEO strategies and tactics. Whether you’re trying to boost your traffic locally or drive conversions internationally, we will make it happen. Through our combination of keyword monitoring, dedicated link building strategies, and competitive analysis, we’ll help your site remain a cut above the rest. We also guarantee that each increase in ranking we help facilitate will be coupled with a surge in your site’s overall security, performance, and user-friendliness.

When you invest in Seven Ages Design’s SEO management service, you’re investing in a proven set of strategies that will boost your site’s ranking faster than you can say “S-E-O”.

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