Social Media Advertising

Looking to get the most bang for your advertising buck? Social media is the way to go. Social media advertising is revolutionizing the way businesses find customers. You no longer have to spend exorbitant amounts of money to commit yourself to a static image and message, hoping that it will reach the right people via magazine, billboard, or newspaper.

Seven Ages Design uses social media advertisements to target your clientele with effective ad placement via Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms we feel would most accurately identify your ideal customers. Once a potential customer clicks on the ad which directs them to your website, that ad will show up on other sites they browse around the web and remind them of their initial interest in your business.

Seven Ages Design will create the ads, choose who to specifically target them to and monitor their success and interactions without you having to lift a finger! Not only will these social media advertisements generate leads for your business, they will dramatically increase the amount of traffic being directed to your website. Over time, this will organically improve your ranking on search engine sites like Google, making this option a winning solution for many of your digital advertising needs!

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