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Why Do I Need a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Never before have we been so concerned with making sure people online see what we see. Social media has taken the world by storm, with more users on sites like Facebook than the populations of the United States, China, and Brazil combined. As people become more invested in their social networks, it’s easy to see why businesses are taking note. By actively maintaining unique social media accounts that cater to your target customers while enticing new ones, you open your organization to an unprecedented level of insight into the best practices for engaging with your client base. Wendy’s, for example, recently gained notability for engaging its Twitter users in polite banter, and it paid off: they boosted their follower count from 161,000 to nearly three million in about two years.

Unfortunately, this isn’t as simple as just creating a Twitter feed, and it isn’t even as simple as having fun exchanges with your clients. The fact is that social media is still relatively new, and its precise impact on organizations is still relatively unrealized. Because layouts, algorithms, and user preferences are continually changing, there’s no concrete evidence on what exactly works. In fact, 53% of organizations bemoan the difficulty of independently and accurately measuring the ROI on social media marketing. What these organizations fail to realize, however, is how quickly their issues could be resolved with an effective social media management team behind them.

3 Reasons You Need Social Media Management

Social media is, by its definition, subject to quick and impactful changes. Just this past year, for example, we watched as Twitter banned reposts of the same branded content across multiple pages while Facebook announced it would begin suppressing branded content in user’s newsfeeds. For advertisers who utilized these platforms, the announcement of these changes required swift attention, or they risked falling behind their competition. While having an in-house employee lukewarmly maintain your pages might seem easier to do, the only way to guarantee that your organization’s social media content is current with the platform’s trends and will reach the maximum number of users is through dedicated social media management.

Reporting and Tracking

While measuring the ROI on social media campaigns can prove difficult, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Social media management services can help ensure that your organization’s social presence remains flexible in response to the data being generated from individual campaigns. A social media management staff will look at the data generated over previous months to determine exactly what worked well, what didn’t and how the organization’s online presence needs to be adjusted going forward. Whether this means discontinuing ineffective ad campaigns, utilizing more engaging social content like video production, or introducing a presence on underutilized sites like Pinterest or LinkedIn, social media management affords you the peace of mind knowing that your organization will always be thinking one step ahead.

Build Brand Reputation

On top of the multiple responsibilities that come with owning and operating a business is the task of defining your brand and managing its image. This devotion to brand maintenance pays off in spades: 93% of Pinterest users use the platform to plan purchases and overwhelmingly buy from companies with strong brand images. While investing in brand crafting and maintenance is worthwhile, it’s also tiresome. The Seven Ages Design social media management team can help take a load off with our expertise of brand development. We assist in gauging customers' interests, handling comments on platforms (both good and bad!), and crafting curated content that develops your organization’s image into a cohesive brand that new and old customers can get behind.

It's Cost Effective

Digital marketing is just that: digital. Social media management and other digital marketing services typically cost 61% less than their physical counterparts while delivering an average of three times the number of leads. Think about that: for 61 cents on the dollar you're guaranteeing that a team of individuals who run your organization's social presence can adapt to significant platform changes, understand critical metrics and strategize on how to maximize them, and handle customer service on a micro-level across all of your key platforms. Talk about bang for your buck.

A social media management service ensures that your campaigns are crafted with the right goals in mind for your organization, all while remaining adept to the essential nature of social media itself: change. Boasting unbeatable brand creation and development capabilities alongside strong customer service competency, all while remaining cost-conscious and taking a much-needed load off your plate, you can’t beat the value that’s yielded from investing in the right social media management crew.

Social Media Management

Anyone can create a Facebook page or start Tweeting, but it takes real prowess to create social media pages that evolve into the cultural forces that some organizations have overseen. While social media tools might be easy to access, it can be surprisingly difficult to master the exact blend of friendly, authoritative, and familiar content to maximize your organization’s reach in an effective way.

Our skilled staff at Seven Ages Design specializes in all aspects of social media management. We’ve spent years perfecting our data collecting and reporting strategies to ensure that our clients always know who they’re engaging with and how that audience is responding to the content we help produce and publish. From design, to execution, our expert social media team will help catapult your business’ reach across a variety of social channels. Once we’ve helped you establish the right type of campaign for your organization and plan its appropriate scope, all you have to do is sit back and relax. We pride ourselves on our ability to masterfully design content that’s guaranteed to be both relatable and shareable to targeted audiences within your social channels. We’ll check in with your campaigns daily to gather insight on how your audience is interacting with you across their social networks, and optimize your campaigns to meet key metrics of success. Meanwhile, we’ll build a greater sense of community among your current following through our renowned customer service practices. Whether you’d like to boost engagement, solidify brand loyalty, or build rapport with new and returning clients, our social media staff is committed to growing your organization’s success.

Social Media Management

Seven Ages Design can help at every step- from planting your stakes online to reaching more users than ever before. By helping you plan key components of your social media strategy across multiple platforms (including things like defining key metrics of success, ideal types of content to distribute, and mapping out optimal audience engagement tactics) we’ll ensure that your viewers are itching to come back to your pages, resonate with your vision, and share it for all to see.

Social Media Maintenance

We understands that when it comes to social media, growth is everything. You want the maximum number of users sharing and engaging with as much of your content as possible. Once we’ve established your social media voice, we’ll maintain communication with you to learn your own input, ideas, topics of interest, and messages for ongoing activity. With our commitment to keeping your social campaigns agile, the content we curate will continue to reach more people, in more ways, than ever.

Community Monitoring

Can you hear it? Users are talking. About you, your products, and how they hold up to your competitors. We know that you put a lot of time into enticing customers with the content on your website and your online presence, but the fact is that people are most likely going to turn to social media when they talk about you. That’s why we at Seven Ages Design use a variety of tools to monitor what your followers are saying about you, your competitors, and your industry at large across all major platforms. By actively managing your presence among your following, we make sure you’re always a step ahead of the competition and that your customers always want to come back for more.

Audience Building

While we understand the importance of managing an existing audience, we at Seven Ages Design are also focused on crafting an audience for you. By listening to what your audience wants to see across their social networks, we make sure that no penny of your budget for content or advertising is wasted. We also seek to educate your audience about the industry you’re in through a variety of mediums like videos, blogs, and graphics. We’ll show your customers the ways in which your organization stands above your competitors, while also setting a standard of flawless presentation.

Social Posts and Engagement

Investing in social media isn’t going to return a dime without good content and an engaging voice. Luckily, we’re experts at both. Our designers and creators know how to make your audience tick and keep them interested in your brand. Our techniques have helped clients connect with larger audiences, improve vendor relationships, and even alter the direction of their businesses.

Content Distribution

We recognize that every share is precious to your social media strategy’s success. Once we’ve found the audience most likely to resonate with your organization and values, we’ll craft content specifically curated for that audience, on the platforms and across the devices they use, and in a way that aligns with the metrics you’d like to maximize. When you invest in the content distribution strategies crafted by Seven Ages Design, you’re ensuring that your organization’s message will reach the most eyes in the shortest amount of time.

Customer Service

Good or bad, comments have to be responded to. Your online reputation needs to be managed, both for the sake of your brand and your wallet. Even though we focus heavily on growing your audience, we also recognize the value inherent in retaining your current customers. Our staff will work to manage your online reputation by responding to comments, good or bad, to increase retention among established customers. Meanwhile, new customers will bear witness to this impeccable customer service and will see the benefits of doing business with you.

To be relevant today, social media must be a vital component of your business’s marketing strategy. Our team has spent years observing the trends that generate engagement online. With Seven Ages Design, you’ll be in awe of the heights your online presence will reach, and how quickly it gets there.

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