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WordPress powers 30% of today’s websites. Find out why you’ll benefit from this amazing platform, too.
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What is WordPress?


WordPress is a free online and open-source creation tool used for designing websites. Its ease-of-access and intuitive user interface have made it one of the most successful and widely used website content management systems ever. Beyond the simple dashboard that users are greeted with is a thriving developer community who helps create and update the many plug-ins that better service WordPress users. Whether your goal is to track site traffic and its pathways, strengthen SEO, or boost engagement, there’s a plugin for it.

Thanks to the core of the platform’s code as well as the multiple plugins developed by the community, you can create and manage a website of almost any kind on WordPress. In fact, WordPress’ WooCommerce plugin now powers over 40% of all eCommerce stores. Whether you need a site for a new blog, a freelance portfolio, a budding eCommerce store, or a bustling enterprise, WordPress lets you do it all.

WordPress is a Full-Service Solution

Security, functionality, and overall value. We at Seven Ages Design swear by this platform for good reason. Below are just a few of the benefits we enjoy from using WordPress as a go-to platform.

WordPress Is For Websites of All Sizes

This platform is free to use for anyone and can be easily reconfigured. WordPress hosts sites of all sizes and purposes; major household names like CNN, Techcrunch, Harvard, Beyonce, and the Swedish government all use effectively WordPress to satisfy their organizational needs. Furthermore, WordPress sites are incredibly scalable so long as you choose a good hosting provider. This means that, even if you do possess a small site to start, the platform is built in a way that encourages and enables your website to grow. One day your website could be one of those used as evidence for debunking myths about WordPress and its size.

WordPress Is Secure

WordPress is manned by a staff that dedicates itself to consistently updating the platform and fitting its affiliate sites with the latest security protocols. There are also plenty of lightweight and dynamic security plugins that will help keep your site safe. Furthermore, site admins can take additional steps to ensure their WordPress site is safe, including regularly checking for updates and installing an SSL certificate onto your page.

WordPress Websites Are Customizable

WordPress delivers its websites using a series of themes, and there are thousands of these themes available. While WordPress itself offers many free themes, there are scores of premium themes possessing endless customization options which are available for purchase - both from WordPress itself and from design shops like StudioPress. There are also powerful plugins available that allow you to customize your site’s look through simple drag-and-drop tools. In short, your WordPress site can look exactly how you would like for it to look.

A WordPress site hosts the distinct advantage of being able to morph into whatever kind of website you need it to be; whether your site represents a budding blog or an established eCommerce titan, WordPress can handle it. These sites are capable of scaling from to any number of visitors, from a few to a few million, all without sacrificing security or performance to its users. There’s a reason that WordPress powers nearly a third of the web: it’s first class at what it does.

WordPress Development Services

Given the low barrier-to-entry of WordPress, it might seem like anyone can build the next site for BBC America or NASA. While this might technically be true, don’t be fooled. WordPress and its tools are simple to use, yet challenging to master. That’s where we come in.

Our expert staff of WordPress developers has spent years gaining familiarity with the platform and its plugins to ensure the delivery of cohesive final products capable of surpassing our clients’ expectations. Seven Ages Design proudly commits to the guarantee that your site’s sensitive data will remain secure and that your website will always run at peak performance. Once the base is laid for your secure and speedy site, we’ll kick it up a notch. While our design team works to ensure that your website looks, reads, and feels its best across all devices, our developers will configure the best combination and layout of plugins to maximize your site’s ROI. By utilizing the many plugins, gateways, and analytics tools available through WooCommerce, our eCommerce staff will also work tirelessly to provide your customers with the optimal online shopping experience.


Custom Theme Development

Whether you’re a small start-up or a large conglomerate, you can take advantage of WordPress and its design capabilities. However, each client needs something different and we recognize that. Our development staff will sit down with you and help plan out an aesthetic that adheres to your brand as well as the layout that we determine will most easily guide your customers to the endpoints you’re looking for.


Businesses who invest in external copywriting services report conversion rates six times higher than their competitors who self-authored copy for their website. Seven Ages Design’s marketing team has remained vigilant to the trends in the content marketing and copywriting space, so we know what will make your website's visitors convert to customers. By investing in our copywriting you’re ensuring that your readers will be engaged from the first word to the last, as our copywriting staff effortlessly guides them from their first impression to the checkout button.

Plugin Configuration

One of the most significant advantages to using WordPress is the abundance of tools and plugins that can help catapult your site from good to great. While the endless selection of plugins is handy, it can also be overwhelming to know which ones work best for your site. The Seven Ages Design team will sort, coordinate, and configure the perfect combination of plugins to aid in the accomplishment of your organizational goals.

WooCommerce Development

One of the most ingenious products from the WordPress developer community has been WooCommerce, which is a powerful plugin that supports 30% of all eCommerce stores, and counting. With over 5,000 individual plugins and 1,500 catered themes of its own, WooCommerce has become a force in its own right. Our elite eCommerce staff will help your business navigate this growing tool by arranging the precise WooCommerce setup necessary to guarantee the smoothest commercial experience for your clients. We’ll take care of theme development, plugin configuration, landing page optimizations, payment gateway setups, and everything in between. Just leave the legwork to us, and you’ll be boosting sales faster than you can say “WooCommerce”.

Google Analytics Integration

The key to successfully scaling any website or business is to understand your customers; who they are, where they came from, how long they’ve been on your site, at what point they leave, etc. We at Seven Ages Design recognize the utility in conducting and acting on data analyses when it comes to running a website. That’s why each of our custom WordPress sites is outfitted with Google Analytics, which affords our clients a refined perspective on how effective their website is at converting users in its current state and where changes can be made. You’ll never be left wondering what the next step should be when you work with us.

Responsive Design

Your website needs to be mobile-ready if it’s going to remain competitive. We believe that an investment in responsive web design is an investment in both your user experience and your brand. Our highly skilled programmers will work through your WordPress site page by page optimizing it to fit on every screen it's likely to be viewed on.

Cross-Device Testing

Nothing is worse than putting hours of work into something only to find out that the final product has fallen flat or just doesn’t work. We at Seven Ages Design know that, and that’s why we’ll run tests after any updates are made to ensure your website is functioning smoothly. We’ll make sure that your WordPress site always looks its best while providing the most intuitive pathways to guide your customers from impression to sale.

Cross-Browser Testing

Just as we want to make sure that your website fits all devices, we’ll make sure the same can be said for browsers. Each browser, whether Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, will interpret the display and functionality of a website differently. Our team at Seven Ages Design will ensure that the changes made to your WordPress site, no matter how significant, won’t be interruptive to your users regardless of what browser they’re using.

Build Your Site with the Best Platform in the Industry

Boasting a uniquely flexible free platform capable of servicing individuals and corporations alike, it’s no wonder WordPress continues to be a favorite among web developers. Whether you’re a first-time blogger trying to take the first step in crafting your social media empire, an up-and-coming eCommerce store looking to scale your business to reach from this coast to that one, or a household name that’s merely trying to optimize their online presence, the Seven Ages Design crew has got you covered. After years of helping businesses grow with WordPress and its plugins, we can proudly state that we deliver beautifully designed and optimally performing websites that strengthen our clients’ brands while maximizing their ROI. We at Seven Ages Design are excited to demonstrate our dedication in providing beautiful and effective web development solutions for you and your business.

Who Uses WordPress?

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What can we provide?

Now more than ever, it’s vital for businesses to be visible and easily connected to their clients and customers online. Seven Ages Design offers the experience and capacity of a large firm with the agility and personalization of a small business. Working with our team ensures that you receive both top-of-the-line web design and development and first-class service from people who are passionate about the success of your business.
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View Our Services

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With our responsive web design, your website will be tailored to achieve your goals and look great in any browser, on any device.

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Whether your website represents a large corporation or a small business, it's imperative that you have the security of an SSL certificate.

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We develop custom social media content designed to engage your clientele, inform them of your services, and drive them to your website.

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Our Services

What can we provide?

Now more than ever, it’s vital for businesses to be visible and easily connected to their clients and customers online. Seven Ages Design offers the experience and capacity of a large firm with the agility and personalization of a small business. Working with our team ensures that you receive both top-of-the-line web design and development and first-class service from people who are passionate about the success of your business.

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