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A vast majority of people use mobile devices to browse the web. This could range anywhere from a smartphone, to a tablet, to one of those cool little Chromebooks. Regardless of the type of device that’s being used, you can’t guarantee your website will look the same on all of them. That’s where responsive design comes into play!

With responsive design, your website will look great in any browser, on any device. Whether you're a blogger or a business owner, having your site available on a multitude of screen sizes is a must! That's why we at Seven Ages Design offer highly effective responsive development solutions. 

It’s no secret that smartphone and tablet use is on the rise in 2018. Web traffic arrives at your site via mobile devices more than 60% of the time and that number is growing year after year. Now is the time to make sure your website is mobile-responsive and meets modern web standards.

Website Developers for All Occasions

  • WordPress Design

    When it comes to responsive design, WordPress is the platform you want to be using. We create WordPress themes that look good on any device, from mobile to desktop! Easily customizable and constantly evolving, WordPress is the most popular content management system with over 75 million websites currently using the platform.

  • Custom Development

    If you need a very specific design for your site, but still want to keep it responsive, we’ve got you covered! Our custom development service includes a fully responsive layout.
    Custom web design is an important step when establishing a strong SEO campaign for your business and our design team is here to ensure your business shines on the world wide web.

  • Mobile Optimization

    A vast majority of people are viewing websites on their cell phones and tablets and your business is at a serious disadvantage if your website is not mobile-responsive. We can ensure your site looks just as good on small devices as it does on desktop computers and laptops. It is important to note that a Mobile-Friendly website is not the same as a responsive website. Laptops, tablets, the new Pixel or iPhone, all have different screens sizes and your website should be displaying properly on each device.

What Are The Benefits Of Responsive Design?

  • Improve SEO

    Search engines like Google and Bing are more likely to rank a mobile-responsive website higher than any non-responsive website within their results pages. Additionally, an improved and seamless experience will ensure that users spend more time on your website, decreasing bounce rates and improving SEO campaign efforts.

  • Save Money

    A responsive site reduces the need for 2 separate website designs – one for mobile and another for desktop, and will ensure visitors get a consistent experience regardless of which browser or device they use. This also eliminates the need to maintain and host two separate versions of your website – saving substantial cost over time.

  • Seamless Experience

    Arguably the most important aspect of responsive web design is providing every user with a seamless, consistent experience. Non-responsive sites distort images, jumble text fields, and overall functionality is greatly impaired. All of these factors impact the way potential customers view your business and directly affects the likelihood that they will make a purchase.

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Seven Ages Design has a long list of satisfied clients across the United States. We have proudly worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes. From educational institutions like North Carolina State University to chart topping major record labels like Warner Brothers and Island Records, we have proudly worked with some of the best organizations in the world, while also priding ourselves on our business relationships within our community and local startups across the country.

Our team of experts is extremely knowledgeable about marketing your law firm, and our experience has enabled our digital branding agency in Raleigh, NC to grow year after year due to our hands-on approach to every client and job we take on. We understand the unique challenges you face when marketing your firm on the world wide web.

Custom web development is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to marketing your firm, and Seven Ages Design has the experts in place to ensure your Law Firm meets its marketing goals. From Social Media, PPC and SEO to email marketing and video content, we handle the entire end to end experience for any marketing efforts your law firm needs.

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