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With traffic from mobile web browsing increasing every year, one thing is clear: you can’t afford to have a non-cohesive website. Investing in responsive web development is an investment towards having a user experience that can’t be beaten.

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What is Responsive Website Development?

Responsive web development is the process through which websites are designed with to resize, or “respond” to, the shape of the device that’s viewing them. Whether you’re looking at this website on an iPad, a Samsung Galaxy, a Dell desktop unit, or a Sony TV acting as a monitor, it doesn’t matter; the point of responsive web development is that the user experience of a site will remain uninterrupted and streamlined regardless of how it’s being viewed.


It might seem easy to view responsive web development and write it off as a luxury, but make no mistake: it’s a necessity. Having a responsive website is key to ensuring that your site is mobile ready and, trust us, it needs to be mobile ready. Recent studies show that 46% of people won’t purchase from a brand with an interruptive mobile experience, while 80% of people reported themselves as being likely to buy from companies with well-designed and quick user interfaces.

The importance of investing in a responsive mobile experience is made even more evident by Google’s findings that 70% of mobile device users who bought something in a physical store consulted their device before visiting the location. The takeaway from all of this is that having a responsive website isn’t just nice: it’s necessary to keep your customers away from your competitors.

Benefits of Responsive Web Development

Beyond boosting your website’s appearance across multiple viewing devices, investing in responsive web development yields much more than meets the eye.

Seamless UX

A responsive website enables the experience of its visitors to be unchanged across devices. Streamlining your website’s user experience through responsive website development allows your customers to feel more comfortable when navigating your site, which leads to higher sales and improves your bottom line.

Boost Your SEO

Search engines like Google and Bing are user-centric: they want to push people towards sites that help users satisfy their queries in the fastest and easiest way possible. With more searches coming from mobile devices every year, Google and other search engines’ ranking algorithms are placing well-designed mobile sites higher than ever before, and these sites tend to have responsive design.

Increased Time Spent On Site

Part of the ranking decision from Google comes from looking at how long people are spending on your site. A website possessing a responsive design is much easier to read and navigate on mobile devices than websites that aren’t responsive. By being easier on the eyes, people are more likely to stay on your site for much longer. As a result, you’ll be rewarded with a higher ranking from Google and higher revenue from customers who decided to stick around.

Decreased Load Speeds

Responsive websites take less time to load and allow for smoother transitions throughout the pathways you’ve curated for clients. This is especially important for eCommerce websites, who are at risk of losing up to $2.5 million per year in revenue due to a single second delay in page load times on mobile. By keeping your website lightweight and agile, a responsive web design allows your website to load exceedingly fast across any device. This guarantees that customers have one more reason to stay and shop and that Google has one more reason to rank you higher.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

At its core, a responsive website design is just that: immediately responsive to all changes made in its layout and functionality, no matter the device it’s being browsed on. By investing in a responsive website, you decrease the amount of setup and maintenance that’s required when running a separate mobile site for your business. This dedication to efficiency and productivity will allow you more time to focus on more crucial areas of your business.

Boost Your Brand

At the pinnacle of all of the advantages of responsive design is the least technical of all: a consistently high-quality website that directs people where they need to go is integral to building a brand you can be proud of. A responsive website lets you have uniformity both in your website’s aesthetics as well as its user experience. Having a website you can be proud of will drive people to come back to your site over your competitors’ every single time.

Responsive Web Development in Raleigh, NC


While it might seem simpler to just deal with the pain of having two individually crafted sites for desktop and mobile, it’s not worth it. Worldwide, more people own a cell phone than a toothbrush, and over 80% of those same users are more likely to buy from a company with an interactive and easy-to-use mobile site than a competitor without one. The word is out: the money is in responsive and engaging websites. So the question isn’t “Why would you care about responsive web design?”. In reality, it's “How could you not?” Whether you’re trying to optimize your existing site for mobile readiness or just launching your first page, we here at Seven Ages Design can help address and resolve all of your responsive website development needs.

Seven Ages Design is a web development agency in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our expertly trained staff, combined with our innovation and creativity, allows us to tackle the unique challenges posed to us by clients of all sizes and industries.

WordPress Mobile Design

WordPress is a powerful web design platform that’s responsible for 30% of what you’re seeing online. We here at Seven Ages Design recognize the immense capability it possesses for broadcasting websites of all scopes and purposes across all possible devices. We’ll sit down with you and discuss the many ways that WordPress and its intuitive tools and plug-ins can be quickly and easily integrated into your site for the optimal mobile experience.

WooCommerce Mobile Design

We here at Seven Ages Design fully subscribe to the ingenious methodology in eCommerce solutions provided by WooCommerce (WordPress’s eCommerce plugin). Boasting a highly engaging and active developer community and immense flexibility in functionality via its numerous tools, WooCommerce powers over 40% of all online stores. Given that over 40% of all online transactions are completed on mobile, if you’re an eCommerce business then your site needs to be mobile ready. Whether you’re a startup or a major retailer, we’ll strategize with you on how we can use WooCommerce to optimize your eCommerce site for mobile devices so you can start driving conversions and boosting sales.

Cross-Device Testing

Nothing is worse than putting hours of work into something only to find out that the final product has fallen flat or just plain doesn’t work when viewed on another device. We here at Seven Ages Design know that, and that’s why we’ll run copious tests after any updates are made to your site’s layout and functionality. We’ll make sure that, no matter what, your site always looks its best while providing the most intuitive pathways to guide your customers from impression to sale regardless of what device they're using.

Cross-Browser Testing

Just the same as we want to make sure that your website fits all devices, we’ll make sure the same can be said for browsers. Each browser, like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari can be finicky with their display and functionality of specific sites. Our team of engineers at Seven Ages Design ensure that the changes made to your site, no matter how significant, won’t prove to be interruptive to your users regardless of what browser they’re viewing on.

Discover the Benefits of Responsive Development

Mobile devices have taken the world by storm in the last decade. As more people than ever take to their phones when they’re looking for the best solution to their problem, businesses have had to learn to adjust to their new mobile audience. The solution seemed to be to have two websites and just deal with the headaches associated, but that’s not the case: with the advent of responsive web design, it’s more necessary than ever to provide peak mobile performance. Our world-class web development crew will curate a responsive website that yields repeat customers after their first browsing experience, all while boosting your rank on Google and lowering your overall maintenance costs. We here at Seven Ages Design are excited to demonstrate our dedication in providing brilliant and effective web development solutions for you and your business.

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