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Website hosting, like any other service, can vary widely in quality and price from vendor to vendor. There are hundreds of choices for hosts, and it can sometimes be confusing for small business owners to decide which hosting package is right for them.

That's why Seven Ages Design offers hosting services to all of our web design clients.

What is Web Hosting?


When you break it down to the basics, a website is a set of digital files that work together to paint a picture.

Digital files need to be stored somewhere. Usually, you'll store them on your computer's hard drive, a flash drive, or on a service like DropBox or OneDrive. Website files are no different.

Your website needs a home. But unlike normal files, your website files need a special kind of home to work properly. That home is your web host.

Your Website's Home.


A web host is an internet-accessible computer running specialized software that serves your site to the web.

Generally speaking, you can't host a website on your own computer. It can be complicated and expensive, and requires a lot of time and energy to get up and running. Since you can't own your website's home, what option do you have available?

You can use a service called web hosting. Web hosting is a service where you pay a regular fee to use someone else's web server. Consider it the equivalent of paying rent for your website's home on the internet.

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A great website deserves a great web host. That's why Seven Ages Design is the right choice for you! We use top of the line hosting methods to ensure your website gets the attention it needs. Call today to speak with a hosting professional! Contact us at 919.589.3655 or fill out the form below.
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