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If you want to ensure your website is performing optimally and operating securely, you need to invest in web hosting services.

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What is Website Hosting?

It’s been said that pages must load within three seconds to keep a visitor's attention and that 84% of online shoppers will abandon their carts if they determine a site to be insecure, so it's clear that site performance and security are more important to consumers than ever. The best way to guarantee that your site is operating at peak performance is by investing in a premium web hosting service.

Think of the page you’re on. At its core, it’s a collection of files that come together to create something bigger and better. These files need to be stored and maintained somewhere, but unlike regular files, website files can’t just be uploaded to iCloud or DropBox. They need a special kind of home if they’re going to work correctly and make your site accessible to the internet. This process of developing a proper home for your website and serving it back the internet is both costly and time-intensive. Given such a stark barrier to entry, what are you to do? Simple: You pay a monthly fee for a business to store and maintain your site for you. You pay them to host it.

Websites are hosted and maintained on servers. Servers are the physical storage place of your website, its content, and its sensitive data. They also contain the unique technologies required to connect your website to the internet for all to see. Hosting is measured by both the amount of disk space that you’ve been allotted on the server for your site and the necessary bandwidth capacity for you to access the server. It should be evident that choosing a high-quality web hosting service is critical to maintaining your site’s cybersecurity, speed, and support.

Who Should I Have Host My Website?

Business owners and individuals often push hosting to the bottom of their priority lists. Discount providers remain profitable by skimping on the services they offer. Their support capabilities are often stretched very thin since they’re maintaining so many websites, and they often don’t provide reliable backups for your website’s content or data.

However worrying this might sound, you can avoid the pitfalls of having your website hosted with a Big Box provider by doing business with boutique service providers like Seven Ages Design.

Be it through our allegiance to the benefits of SSL certificates or our dedication to protecting our hosted sites from Malware, the protocols we’ve taken serve as a guarantee that your site is safe with us. Beyond safety, our engineers remain diligent in boosting our clients’ sites speeds and optimizing their load times for SEO. Our staff will even help with ensuring that your site’s data and content is backed up. That way, no matter the issue, you’ll never have to start from square one. Once your website is on our server, our team will continue to update, maintain, and optimize our hosting environment so you'll never have to lift a finger. Choosing Seven Ages Design is choosing to have your website hosted in dedicated servers that boast top-notch security, speed, and support.

Web Hosting and Maintenance Services in Raleigh, NC

If you want to guarantee that your website is in an environment that’s free from security threats and dragging connection speeds, you need to invest in a quality web hosting service. Whether this is the first time you've thought about web hosting or you're looking to update providers, we at Seven Ages Design know just how to help. With our use of effective tools and technologies, we’ve proven that our hosting and maintenance services outperform the competition time and time again.

Seven Ages Design is a web development agency in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our expertly trained staff of creative and innovative developers enable us to tackle the unique challenges posed to us by clients of all sizes and industries.

Web Hosting

We’ll not only make your site accessible, but we’ll keep it and all of its components running smoothly so that you won't have to worry about your customers experiencing interruptions when they’re browsing, reading your blog, or finishing a purchase. Whether you’re just starting online or have already grown your website traffic to millions of hits a year, our web hosting service has got you covered.

WordPress Hosting

With WordPress powering over 30% of what you’re seeing online, it’s not unlikely that you or your business also has a WordPress site. Our dedicated servers allow us to guarantee that your WordPress site will be equipped to handle high volumes of traffic with ease. In line with our commitment to continuity, we also offer WordPress site backups to ensure that you don’t have to worry about losing what you’ve worked so hard for. We also regularly fit your website with the latest WordPress updates to prevent it from becoming obsolete or vulnerable to new threats. When it comes to WordPress hosting, Seven Ages Design offers the full value of services.

Secure Payment Gateways

At Seven Ages Design, we understand that, when it comes to eCommerce, little is of more importance than payment security. That’s why we use the payment solutions provided by Authorize.net for our commercial clients. Touting world-class fraud protection functionality, Authorize.net’s gateways will provide you with the ability to accept payments via electronic checks and credit cards. Merchants also benefit from the easy invoicing features included with their Authorize.net accounts. Send invoices to anyone with an email address, anytime.

Merchant Accounts

In addition to secure payment gateways, the eCommerce websites we host will also benefit from the merchant accounts provided by Authorize.net. These accounts allow business owners to accept payments from their customers' bank accounts and immediately deposit those payments into their own business checking or savings account. On top of streamlining the payment process, Authorize.net’s merchant accounts also come with credit card information security, recurring billing and customer data storage, and Quickbooks integration.

SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate guarantees that no outside bodies can interfere with communications between your clients and your site. They protect user information from hackers, make your website more attractive to Google, and improve your SEO across all search engines. We secure SSL Certificates for all of our hosted websites and they apply across all major browsers.

Dedicated Hosting Servers

We use top-of-the-line servers which enable us to maximize our hosting speed and safety, regardless of your website's size. The boost in speed offered by our servers will help optimize your site for SEO. Meanwhile our server's strategic security protocols help protect any sensitive information for you and your customers. Simply kick back and let our servers do the legwork of website storage and maintenance.

Malware & Security Scanning

Every time a client enters their information on your website, they’re entrusting you to keep them safe from would-be hackers who want access to their sensitive data. Our servers help you deliver on that promise of safety by providing blacklist monitoring and removal, proactive malware prevention, and continuous malware removal.

Website and Server Backups

One of the biggest fears in website ownership is loss - loss of files, loss of transactional data, or loss of customer information; it’s all extremely frightening to think about. That’s why we at Seven Ages Design offer website backups - to prevent you from losing crucial data. Backing up your website protects you from the acts of malicious hackers, malware or viruses, and even server failure by storing old versions of your site that are ready for use. We also take similar precautions to regularly back up our servers, because we understand that similar risks of lost data are present with servers. Regardless of whether your website is hacked, infected, or something is unintentionally lost, we’ll make sure that your site and your business can proceed as usual.


When it comes to online browsing, we know that speed is everything. Our website hosting services utilize Global CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) which are servers that cache static components of websites and stores them for local use. This means, for example, that users in Europe could access content on your US-originated website through a local server in Europe instead of one in North America. This eliminates the European user’s extra wait time and connection distance that would have come from trying to access the origin server in North America. Utilizing CDNs helps us further boost your website’s speed while expanding your global reach further still.

Domain Name Registration & Transfers

Registering your domain name is a crucial step in cementing your digital footprint to your clients. Should you ever decide to change hosts, a registered domain name will come with you while also affording your site a great deal of both credibility and memorability amongst your users. Whether you’re looking for your website to possess preventative domain locking, complete DNS control, domain forwarding and masking abilities, auto-renew protection, or ease of transfer, we at Seven Ages Design are dedicated to making domain ownership a breeze.

Business Email Accounts

Having an email address with your website's domain name will allow your business emails to give a much more legitimate impression. We offer customized business email accounts that include integrated calendars, synchronization across devices, free storage options, secure 256-bit encryption, as well as virus, fraud, and spam protection. Our professional email services will help you craft and develop a sophisticated and trustworthy business identity.

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Our premium services will afford you the peace of mind, knowing that your site is secure, speedy, and supported by our web services. Whether yours is an eCommerce site, a WordPress blog, or anything in between, you can rest assured it will be easily accessible to users in all corners of the globe, protected from hackers and malware, reliably backed-up and updated, and able to safeguard sensitive customer information. With Seven Ages Design, you really can have it all.

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