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Why Should I Backup My Website?

You’ve probably heard of the importance of backing up the data on your computer’s hard drive. It helps prevent you from losing any files in the event of computer failure or accidental file deletion. Backing up your website follows the same principle. When you run regular backups of your website, you can ensure that your data is safe and ready to restore should anything happen.

Why Are Backups Important?

One of the biggest fears of a website owner is the potential loss of data - whether it's files they upload to their server, records of transactions made on an e-commerce site, or customer data being stored for fast retrieval. Something that many people don't use to prevent this is a good website backup plan. At Seven Ages Design, we offer a solid backup solution that not only backs up your files - it also allows you to restore backups as far back as you need.

There are a few reasons why you should back up your website:

  • Website Hackers

    Unfortunately, website hackers have become a very common thing on the web. While some hackers aim to steal credit card numbers or other sensitive information, others might hack websites just for the sake of causing trouble. Since your website is available on the web, it’s susceptible to compromise. Backups will allow you to revert your site to its unaltered, unhacked state.

  • Server Failure

    Just like your home computer, web servers can suffer from hardware failure. Though it’s highly unlikely that this will happen, having a backup ensures you don’t lose your important data if your server crashes. It’s best to keep a copy of the backup in multiple places, too.

  • Malware and Viruses

    Viruses, Trojan horses, worms, and other malware can make their way to your website, even through normally safe third parties. You can accidentally download them with a theme or a plugin, or they can slip through flaws in your server’s firewall. Having a backup means you’ll be prepared if anything starts acting strange.

  • Human Error

    People make mistakes. It’s possible that an employee or contractor might press the wrong button or accidentally delete necessary files. When you back up your files, you have less of a chance of human errors interfering with your operations.

  • Bad Updates

    Regularly updating WordPress and your plugins is important. This helps to increase your site’s security and improve features – but sometimes things don’t always go as planned. This is why WordPress tells you to perform a backup before running any updates.

Websites have a lot of components, including themes, plugins, software, and other back-end programs. These all keep things running. A backup is good to have in case one of these components fails.

Simple Backup Solutions for your Website


At Seven Ages Design, we believe making our websites user-friendly is of the utmost importance. With our backup solutions, we give you the power to backup everything from files to databases - you can even back up the whole site as regularly as you want! This means you can rest assured your site is always safe from data corruption or server failure.

Another option you have available to you is the ability to restore backups at the push of a button. This means that rolling back your website to revert changes, restoring it to a working state after a server issue, or even moving it from server to server are all easy tasks.

Backup Scheduling and Automation


If you're the owner of an e-commerce website, a serious blogger, or just someone who makes regular changes to your site, you're probably going to want regular backups of any transactions or changes made on your website. With Seven Ages Design's backup services, we can schedule an automated backup solution for you. This means we can run backups as often as you like - be it monthly, weekly, or even daily if you feel that's necessary! Having a regularly scheduled backup ensures your data and changes are readily available should anything go wrong, and means that you don't have to worry about losing hours of work.

Preferred Cloud Backup Storage Solution

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Seven Ages Design uses Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) as the host for our backups. By using Amazon S3 as the framework for our backups, we can assure you that your files will always be available when you need them and that you'll never run out of room to add more backups. Thanks to the powerful servers that S3 provides, we can also assure you that downloading your backup files will be lightning quick and easy to do.

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