4 Reasons to Use Social Media Marketing

In Advice by Seven Ages Design

If you run a business, you probably know the benefits of advertising. Without it, you would rarely get new clients, and your sales would surely plummet. Thanks to the power of the internet, advertising is becoming easier and a lot better for finding the right clients! One very important marketing tactic that’s taking the web by storm is social media marketing.

But what is social media marketing you might ask? Basically, you’re putting your advertising budget toward sponsored posts on social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. The benefits of marketing on social networks are boundless.

1. You can market to a very specific audience

If you’re going into business with a particular demographic (let’s say people looking for used furniture, just as an example), a newspaper advertisement is probably not the best way to go. Sure, you’ll get a few calls now and then, but you can certainly do better than that. With social media marketing, you can limit your advertising to a certain age group, specific keywords, and advertisements will show up on the platforms that people use numerous times a day.

2. Social network popularity

Social networks are the place where your advertisements are most likely to be seen. People use them on a very regular basis, checking updates and posting numerous times a day. Facebook alone has over 1,000,000,000 (yes, that’s a billion) users who log in per day! Just imagine the number of leads you could get with that sort of powerhouse at your back.

3. People love to share things they like

When someone finds a post or advertisement they like to see, they tend to share it with their inner circles. Once they share, everyone they know sees the same advertisement. Most people have numerous contacts in their circles, and a lot of them are probably in the same age group, looking for the same sort of thing – and believe it or not, they’re likely to share that information as well. That’s the power of social media marketing! If a single person sees your advertisement, you’re almost guaranteed exponential views.

4. Social media and search engines

Another benefit of using social networks for advertising campaigns is the power of search engines. Sites like Bing, Google, and Yahoo typically display the most visited websites in any given area. When you post an advertisement to a social network, you’re also posting a link to your website. Because of the potential for exponential click growth, you and your business will be soaring through the ranks of search engine results!