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Banixx is an animal pharmaceutical company that creates natural remedies to help combat infection in creatures of all shapes and size.

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When we were contacted by Banixx, we were asked to do two things: Social Media Marketing and Web Design. This, initially, seemed like a pretty routine work order. We soon realized we couldn’t be more wrong.

Banixx, a farmyard pharmaceutical company, had a humongous website and an incredible number of visitors to their site on a daily basis. To top it off, they had already implemented some of the best, most effective SEO practices we’ve seen from a client.

The Facelift

The original Banixx website was dated, but effective. They had over 80 pages of unique content, all using very good SEO practices, and tons of links to each of them floating around the web. It’s such a large site that their visitor count is in the thousands per month!

We were tasked with updating the site aesthetically and converting it from Joomla to WordPress. This seemingly daunting task went relatively smoothly – we just needed to make sure the site’s structure remained intact while we transferred things over to the new platform. Because of the amount of work they did on their SEO, we had to ensure everything was in its place – from image titles to page descriptions. After scouring their website for all the necessary information, we were able to make a plan of action. Banixx was ready to be transformed into a clean, modern powerhouse of a website.

Taming The Giant

One large concern that Banixx had was the speed of their site. Their site was running considerably slower than they would have liked with their hosting provider, and they had a lot of pages that took upwards of 10 seconds to load.

We solved this problem by utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS). Using AWS allowed us to set up a server environment where the site could thrive without the fear of slowing down when it receives heavy traffic. Thanks to the new, large pool of resources we were able to provide, the Banixx site now loads in about a tenth of the time!

Engaging The Audience

Banixx expressed a desire for a more powerful and consistently branded social media presence. This included the strengthening of their Facebook presence with daily posts, management of interactions with fans and customers, ad optimization, regularly updated cover photos, and custom graphics.  This also included the improvement and consistent updating of their Pinterest account, and the creation and management of their Instagram account. With over 25,000 likes on Facebook alone, they wanted to make sure their voice was as engaging as possible.

Since we were contracted, we’ve created an Instagram account for Banixx from scratch and have started managing the posts on all three of their chosen social networks. We’ve brought the modern but friendly aesthetic of their website over to the social media branding and have curated a voice that’s informative and caring, but also has the strong sense of humor required when describing silly cat videos and like content. We engage Banixx fans and users by appealing to their favorite topic - their pets. We increase engagement by encouraging the audience to share their favorite photos and stories of their pets, as well as before-and-after photos of Banixx at work.  This bonds the fanbase to the brand and connects the product to a company who truly cares for the animals it serves.

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