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Why Does My Website Need an SSL Certificate?

One of the biggest fears that website owners express is the fear of their website getting hacked and losing sensitive information. Because of this, Seven Ages Design highly recommends purchasing a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. An SSL certificate is essentially both an online identification card and a padlock in a tidy package. This means that your site will be secure, hackers won’t be able to obtain information sent between your viewers and your website, and your site is verified by a Certificate Authority.

At Seven Ages Design, we believe your security is a very serious matter. Because of this, we choose to use 2048-bit encryption on all SSL certificates we provide. This means your site is protected by the strongest encryption available on the market. With an SSL certificate provided by Seven Ages Design, your site will be super secure and virtually uncrackable.

SSL Certificates Provide:

  • 2048-bit encryption - the strongest available to consumers
  • Compatibility with all major browsers
  • Boosts SEO ranking
  • Displays a "Secure" icon on your site
  • Unlimited re-issuance of your SSL certificate
  • Customer confidence
  • Protection on unlimited servers
  • Subdomain protection

Search Engine Ranking Benefits

Search engines look for a great many things when assigning a rank to your website. One of those things that weigh very heavily into your rank is the security of your website. When you have an SSL certificate installed on your site, search engines know that you, for a fact, have taken measures to prevent hackers from stealing your data.

Thanks to the security provided by an SSL certificate, your viewers will have greater peace of mind.

Visitor Security Guaranteed

A major benefit of an SSL certificate, both to you and your viewers, is the amount of security it provides. Because of the type of encryption provided by an SSL certificate, any and all data sent between you and your viewer essentially entirely invisible to potential hackers. This prevents data breaches, which could include anything from usernames and passwords to credit cards and social security numbers.

By providing an SSL certificate, you are providing your viewers with the confidence that their information is safe when it’s sent to your website. This is especially important if you’re receiving payments through your website. The last thing you want is for someone to be able to intercept the data containing a credit card number. With an SSL certificate, that information is completely secure thanks to the strong encryption algorithms provided by it - making your site perfectly safe for people submitting payments with a credit card.

How Does an SSL Certificates Work?

When users view an SSL-secured website, the certificate creates a secure browsing connection. The web browser the viewer is using creates what's called a digital handshake. This means that the browser and the web server are communicating using the same language - one that's unique to that particular connection. After the handshake is complete, the browser informs you that the connection is secure by using a padlock icon in the browser's search bar. This icon indicates that every source on the web page is completely secure, and nothing that the browser and server are sending back and forth can be decrypted by an outside source. Once you see the padlock, you can rest easy knowing your site and data are safe!

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