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WordPress is the current most popular web publishing platform used in the world. It's simple to use and robust enough to power blogs, online stores, and even massive news websites! But its power and simplicity come at a cost: it requires maintenance. We at Seven Ages Design host all of our clients' WordPress websites on a server that was built with WordPress in mind. Our hosting package provides regular backups, security scans, built-in data caches, and managed WordPress updates.

Benefits of Hosting

Optimized WordPress

Our web server is optimized for WordPress, providing you the best speed and security practices.

Regular Backups

Your website and databases are backed up regularly, so you can always be prepared for the unexpected.

Managed Updates

WordPress security updates and plugins are automatically installed after they’ve been tested for safety.

Benefits of Hosting

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Finding the right host for your WordPress site can be a daunting task. We make managing your site easy! Ask our WordPress Experts how we can improve your hosting experience by calling 919.589.3655 or filling out the form below.