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Investing in a custom website helps you craft and develop your brand’s image while maintaining complete control over the quality of your visitors’ user experience; it’s often a key factor in deciding whether users will close their window or if you’ll close a sale.
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The Benefits of Website Development


DIY website builders have recently increased in popularity due to their clean templates and ease of use. While platforms like these might be user-friendly and produce an attractive product, without a web developer, they can still fall flat in adequately addressing the particular needs of a website and its owner. More importantly- when you use one of these services, you won’t own your own website at the end of the day. Enter our custom website development services.

Custom web development is the process used to make your website functional, responsive, complete, and built to your ideal specifications. Custom websites allow business owners to completely streamline their company’s image without sacrificing flexibility or scalability. Investing in a custom site affords you the ability to completely shape your business’s online brand while keeping it in sync with your offline aesthetic. You can easily update your site to handle growing levels of traffic and sales as your business grows. Not only that but, they’re faster, too! By deciding which pathways are most essential in guiding your customers from first-sight to sale, you eliminate much of the bloatware that accompanies cookie-cutter sites. You’ll soon find custom website development to be one of the primary keys in helping your business achieve its goals.

From Page to Project, We've Got You Covered

If you think your website could be doing more for both your business and your customers, then you need to consider investing in a custom developed website. Whether you’re trying to make your website’s landing pages more aesthetically pleasing, trying to boost functionality through exciting web-apps, increase social media engagement, or make your website look and feel its best on mobile devices, we here at Seven Ages Design know just how to help.

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Website Development Services


Our specialized team of developers have proven experience with the many facets of custom web development. We’ll help you design the layout of your site in a way that appropriately displays your brand’s best attributes. We’ll also handle the programming and technical legwork so that your site’s user experience is as seamless and fluid as possible. Whether you’re a national brand or just going live, we’ll assist in all stages of custom website development; from planning to production, and through to publication.

Seven Ages Design is a web development agency in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our expertly trained staff, combined with our innovation and creativity, allows us to tackle the unique challenges posed to us by clients of all sizes and industries.

We Are Web Developers Focused On : 

Custom Website Design

Every business owner wants their company’s website to be memorable and worth revisiting. We’ll sit down and help you design a cohesive look and feel to your website that’s guaranteed to make a lasting first impression. Whether your website requires a fine-tuned design, SEO-optimized copywriting, high-performance call-to-action tools, or lead-tracking software, we at Seven Ages Design will make your company’s online presence stand out among the crowd.

Responsive Website Design

It’s not unlikely you might be reading this off of a mobile device. Businesses spend a lot of time ensuring their sites are optimized for the mobile experience, and for good reason: 57% of users won’t recommend a business with a poor mobile site. Optimizing your website to be responsive means only having to update one time to implement changes to your website’s entire online presence. Beyond the ease of updating, responsive web design also boasts comprehensiveness: our coders are capable of optimizing your tools, plug-ins, and web apps to work flawlessly with mobile devices. No matter the task, we’ll make sure that your website is as smooth to scroll through on your phone or tablet as it is on your desktop.

Custom Web Programming

If your business requires a more in-depth solution than WordPress can deliver, our Seven Ages Design team will hand code your website from the ground up. Perhaps you have a unique vision for your website’s look that can’t be created within the framework of WordPress’s capability. If you can draw it, our highly experienced coders can build it to your specifications. Maybe you have an existing website that’s already optimized for driving traffic and SEO ranking, but it needs a design overhaul. We can take your existing content and hand code it to deliver a brand new look and high-performance functionality, all without sacrificing any of your existing infrastructures.

Once we have the layout, pathways, and overall design of the project worked out and optimized, we’ll do the dirty work of turning your dream into a working and responsive website. Our expert team of coders is capable of building scalable web applications, developing e-commerce solutions, and handling backend website services to help you best achieve your business goals. We will ensure that your company’s website is fast, flexible, and powerful, all while being cost-conscious.

WordPress Development

As the platform for over 30% the websites you see online, WordPress is a powerful tool that enables individuals to easily broadcast themselves and their businesses to the rest of the web. Our designers and developers can take the blank canvas that WordPress provides and turn it into a beautiful, working website that’s more than capable of generating leads and driving conversions. Once the framework is in place, WordPress will then allow us to edit and add pages, optimize the site for search engines, publish blogs, and boost engagement through contact submission forms. Your website will be engaging, impactful, and flexible, all while broadcasting your company and its values.

Additional Web Development Services


WooCommerce Development

Just as WordPress is the lead provider for more than 30% of websites online, WooCommerce (a WordPress extension) is powering more than 30% of all stores online. We’ll help you navigate this platform by crafting end-to-end eCommerce solutions. This means that we’ll help you do things like creating secure payment gateways for clients, tracking and reporting product info and sales, mapping out buyer journeys, and much more. We’ll strategize how to work around the sales funnel so you can begin closing sales better and faster than before.

Web Hosting

After we’ve helped you plan and produce your dream website, you’ll need somewhere to store it and someone to host it. Seven Ages Design can help with that too. Our team will make sure that your website, as well as all of its sensitive information, is kept secure on our powerful and highly-dependable server.

Social Media Integration

In the 21st century, no addition to a website might be as paramount to its success than the proper integration of social media channels. By integrating social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest onto your custom website, you’re taking advantage of those networks to boost brand awareness to new potential customers. Our coders can give your customers the ability to contact or follow your accounts through their preferred channels and share your content through those mediums. We can even integrate the new posts you share from those platforms onto your website to easily update customers with your latest projects and announcements. And should you choose to promote your business with Facebook or Instagram ads in the future, we can improve the effectiveness of those ads by installing a pixel onto your website that will specifically target your online visitors.

Landing Page Development

When you visit a website, you expect to see a few things: an engaging headline with informative subheaders, pictures, clear and concise information, and methods of contact. A landing page is your first point of contact after a user clicks on an ad or hyperlink; it can be your homepage or a standalone page. It acts as your customer’s first window into the rest of your site and can give them a good idea of whether you have what they’re looking for. Once we’ve developed the perfect first impression, we’ll also monitor its effectiveness so that we can fully optimize it to maximize conversions.

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Now more than ever, it’s vital for businesses to be visible and easily connected to their clients and customers online. Seven Ages Design offers the experience and capacity of a large firm with the agility and personalization of a small business. Working with our team ensures that you receive both top-of-the-line web design and development and first-class service from people who are passionate about the success of your business.
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Web Development

With our responsive web design, your website will be tailored to achieve your goals and look great in any browser, on any device.

Search Engine Optimization

75% of users never click past the first search results they see. With our SEO management, your site will be among those first results.

Professional Video Production

A video is the best way to digitally put a face to your brand. It can reach millions of people and convey exactly what you need it to.

Web Hosting and Maintenance

Ensure your website is performing optimally and operating securely with our web hosting services which include updates and daily backups.

SSL Certificate Installation

Whether your website represents a large corporation or a small business, it's imperative that you have the security of an SSL certificate.

Social Media Management

We develop custom social media content designed to engage your clientele, inform them of your services, and drive them to your website.

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