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81% of people have been convinced to purchase a product or service after watching a company’s video. Why doesn’t your website have video?

Video is one of the most memorable and emotive mediums to communicate your brand’s message to potential customers.

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The Benefits of Video Production


Videos are an essential part of any online presence in the current digital climate. As of this year, YouTube is second only to Facebook concerning monthly active users. With companies who use video marketing boasting 66% more qualified leads than their competition, it’s obvious that the ability to convert clients via engaging video has never been so accessible.

Seven Ages Design boasts an expertly trained team, utilizing the highest quality equipment, to accommodate all needs and phases of professionally producing your vision. Our team will handle the filming, photography, lighting, sound design, and editing to highlight the best attributes of your company. Beyond the mechanics of the shoot itself, we will also assist in organizing the concept, script, schedule, location, direction, and production. From aerial photography to blooper reels, we won’t call “Wrap!” until movie magic has been made.

Featured Video Productions

Seven Ages Design prides itself on its ability to masterfully handle all aspects and needs of video production, no matter the scope or phase of the project. It’s this ability to command entire projects that allows our company to be the most cost-effective solution to your video needs, all while boasting top-tier equipment and even better staff.

Professional Video Production Services

  • Concept

    Even if you have the most explicit message you’re trying to convey, it can be hard to visualize the exact way to say it. We’ll help you get a clear idea of the best steps to take to communicate your business’ vision through video.

  • Design

    Having a cohesive look and feel to your video is paramount in achieving the best overall product for people to watch. We’ll sit down with you and hammer out the details of your video’s appearance and flow.

  • Storyboarding

    We understand that videos are about one thing: story. The ability to present a strong story enables people to resonate with both your company and the principles it represents. We’ll map out your product’s journey to generate an emotive and compelling video.

  • Scripting

    Just as a story is only as strong as its writing, a video is only as strong as its script. Our team will ensure that all of your video’s potential dialogue or voice-over work is catchy and compelling, all while being conscious of your budget.

  • Production Scheduling

    Whether a video’s concept and design require a deluge of natural rainfall at midnight or columns of morning sunlight, we’ve got you covered. Our crew will forecast the best dates and times for your vision to come to life, all while remaining flexible to necessary changes or unforeseen circumstances.

  • Location Planning

    The authenticity provided by a video being shot from multiple vantage points while on-location can be the difference between a video’s audience being floored and them scrolling past it. We’ll pinpoint the most optimal sites and viewpoints on-site that fit your video’s scope and style.

  • Budgeting

    Whether your business is as big as Coca-Cola or if you’ve just opened up shop; everyone has to create and stick to a budget. After we’ve analyzed both the scope and duration of your project we’ll craft a workable and cost-effective budget, all without sacrificing quality or vision.


  • Producer

    At the heart of all great works of film and video lies the producer. The producer put onto your project will be responsible for taking the concept and design of your video and executing its plan in a timely and professional manner, all while adhering to your guidelines and budgetary parameters.

  • Director

    Just as the producer is responsible for enabling and guiding the vision of your video, the director is responsible for executing the technical side of the project. The director for your video will translate the storyboard and vision into a final product by dictating what lighting to use, which camera angles to use, directing actors or voice-over artists, and having a say in the editing process to decide which blends of shots communicate the project’s vision best.

  • Director of Photography

    The director of photography, otherwise known as a cinematographer, for your project will be responsible for shaping the visual aesthetic and design of your video. They’ll help design the storyboard, choose cameras, frame shots, direct camera movement, choose optimal lighting, and work in post-production with editors to help colorize and crop your video.

  • Crew and Film

    No film or video project runs without a highly-trained crew or the right equipment for the job. We at Seven Ages Design are extremely proud of our technical crew and our choice of cutting-edge equipment. Our crew meticulously applies an immense level of attention to detail on every project, no matter the length or size.

  • Photography & Videography

    Our photography and videography methods and practices have garnered substantial praise from companies of multiple industries and sizes. Our crew is renowned for producing videos that boast an aesthetic that possesses a tasteful blend of artistic and photographic styles without sacrificing adherence to our clients’ goals.

  • Location Management

    We understand that, no matter how interesting the video production process is, time is still money. Our location manager will secure all areas for filming, obtain any fire or police permits necessary for filming, and coordinate the logistics necessary to guarantee that the crew can capture your vision onscreen, without interruption.

  • Aerial Photography

    One of the newest, and most exciting, filmmaking trends of the last few years has been the advent of easy-access aerial photography, and we’ve kept up. Our crew uses a high-end quad copter to capture certain dynamic and fast-paced shots that traditional aerial mediums, like helicopters, just can’t produce.


  • Editing

    Once all is said and done, our editor will carefully piece the footage together in order to sculpt the final product. With feedback from both the director and cinematographer, the final product is guaranteed to be both aesthetically pleasing and effective at conveying the story you sought out to tell.

  • Video Effects

    While the photos and footage are sure to be enough to wow your audience, we’re willing to take it a step further. It doesn’t matter if it’s overlaying text for emphasis, creating intriguing scene transitions, saturating certain colors, or any other visual effect; our crew is dedicated to making your video POP!.

  • Voice-Over work

    Some things are just better said than seen. We understand that. Whether it’s a simple introduction or an auditory guide through the video, we offer the ability to script, record, edit, and finalize any voice-over work you might want to be done.

  • Music and Sound Design

    Some say that a film’s cinematography is second only to its music and sound design. We can inlay audio effects, enhance them, or rework the video’s sound altogether. On top of this, we can also help you pick the right music to fit the theme and context of both your video and its message.

  • Web Conversion

    Once the product is shot, edited, and finalized, you’ll understandably want to show it off to all of your clients. Our team of post-production engineers will make sure that your finished product is both easily transferred online while making sure that it’s formatted well and located in the ideal spot for new viewers to find and enjoy it.

  • Blooper Reel Access

    While we all might be professionals, we’re still human beings at the end of the day. There’s bound to be lots of times where we say the wrong thing, feel awkward, or just plain goof around while filming. We recognize how humorous this can be, and we’ll happily give you that footage for you and your team to enjoy.

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