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Something that real-life humans and digital algorithms have in common is that they both love videos. Videos are favored by social media placement over any other type of content, not to mention, they make a website stand out like nothing else can. A video is the best way to put a face to your brand, second only to live interaction. The benefit of a video over an in-person interaction, however, is that it can reach millions of people and convey exactly what you need it to. Share your story, your passion for your business, and information you want your customer to know. Exemplify your personality and trustworthiness. The sky is the limit.

Seven Ages Design uses top-of-the-line equipment and highly experienced staff to film, light, sound record, edit and produce a video that highlights the best attributes of your company and team. We will assist you in organizing the concept, script, filming schedule, location arrangements, directing and production. We cover every base, from aerial photography to b-roll, and we won’t wrap until we’re sure film magic has been made!

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