Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click, or PPC for short, is a quick and easy method of getting your site to the home page of Google searches. Unlike good SEO friendly practices (which are still highly recommended to keep your website attractive to visitors), PPC campaigns aren’t affected by search engine algorithms. This is a good way to advertise your business while you work on creating an SEO friendly website.

What is PPC?

PPC is one of the tools you can use to promote your business online. PPC works in a very simple way, which makes it popular among businesses, large and small. There are numerous PPC platforms you can choose from, but the most well known platforms are Google Adwords and Bing Ads.
Running a PPC campaign is very much like renting a billboard to advertise your wares, but instead of a large, physical advertisement, your PPC investment is put toward showing your website to people browsing the internet.

Benefits of PPC

  • Simple Setup

    Setting up a PPC campaign is quick and easy. You just need to know your target market, the time of day you want your ads to be shown, and what keywords you need to be using. Since you have a lot of flexibility with budget, you can start small and test out phrasing in your ads, as well as any number of other variables.
    If you see positive results in your ads, you can easily scale them up. All you have to do is increase the budget on them and wait to reap the rewards. If your campaign is struggling, you can check the AdWords statistics to see what words in your ads are gaining the most traction and improve them from there.

  • Fine-Tuned Targeting

    One major benefit of PPC is the ability to advertise to certain people at certain times. If you know that your target demographic is only browsing the web late at night, you don’t want to waste your dollars with early morning ads. PPC platforms allow you to choose what time your advertisements show, and to which people. This can be done by location, age, occupation – the possibilities are endless.

  • High Conversion Rate

    Because of the effectiveness of search engine results, PPC is guaranteed to boost your conversion rate. When people search for terms that are relevant to your business, your ads will show up right on the results page. If you offer the services that people are looking for, they’re more likely to click on the links that appear in your advertisements.

  • In-Depth Metrics

    Most PPC platforms will give you visible metrics – charts and graphs displaying the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. You can view the return on advertising dollars spent, and which keywords, ads, and ad placements are driving the most traffic to your site.
    You can install a tracking number on your site to view the number of conversions your advertisements are generating. Using these numbers, you can make educated decisions on your PPC advertising campaign.

  • High Return

    When you purchase PPC services, you’re making an investment – and like many investments, you can expect a financial return, or ROI. The reason for this is simple: you pay for your advertisements, you gain more clicks through relevant searches, and you sell more because of the increased traffic to your website.
    When you have a larger number of people visiting your website, you’re certain to get more sales. This is one of the reasons PPC is such a popular option. Once you’ve created an effective campaign, you can continue bolstering it with higher budgets until you reach your maximum ROI.

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