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What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a form of online marketing where the advertiser sets a fixed budget they’re willing to spend on their ads. Every time a user clicks on one of the ads, the advertiser pays a percentage of their budget to the platform that published the ad. For example, say Company ABC sets aside $X to advertise on Google. They run both search ads and display ads. Imagine that User A clicks on one of the ads. Google would then calculate the appropriate cost that click should represent, otherwise known as the ad’s Cost-Per-Click, and takes that amount out of the $X set aside. You can find out more about the types of PPC and its benefits through our blog.

At Seven Ages Design, our team is at the forefront of PPC Management. Our professionals ensure that your brand is accurately represented and promoted to the maximum number of new customers. By utilizing the many forms of search-engine PPC marketing, such as search, display, text, video, and re-marketing ads, we will demonstrate our ability to craft, maintain, and optimize the digital billboards of our clients. Our team also understand that the internet is an increasingly social platform. That’s why our PPC management team expanded our services beyond those offered by search engines like Google or Bing. We pride ourselves in our ability to grow our clients’ digital footprints through social PPC campaigns hosted by platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

PPC Marketing Services in Raleigh, NC

The data is clear- you’re leaving money on the table when you don’t use online ads. With 41% of clicks going to the top three paid ads from search results, display ads boosting traffic to web pages by an average of 300%, and pathways curated by PPC ads increasing a customer’s likelihood of purchasing something by 50%, you’d be losing out by not investing in PPC marketing. While the concept is simple enough, understanding the nitty-gritty of how Pay-Per-Click advertising works can be overwhelming. Whether it’s helping you design engaging ads, performing keyword research, or planning bidding strategies, our team of experts at Seven Ages Design will maintain the necessary daily upkeep to ensure your PPC ads come out on top.

Seven Ages Design is a web development agency in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our expertly trained staff of creative and innovative developers enable us to tackle the unique challenges posed to us by clients of all sizes and industries.

Paid Search Advertising

Just as you want customers to be able to easily find you on search engines from relevant terms in their queries, you also want your ads to show up from those terms. Our team will do extensive research to figure out the best terms to use in your search ads so that your ads place higher in their page-position.

PPC Management

The inner-workings of a PPC campaign are complicated, even for the most seasoned digital marketing professional. At Seven Ages Design, however, our team of professionals will manage every step of the process of setting up an exciting and effective PPC Campaign. From planning target audiences, to ad design, to keyword research, to platform management, we’ll do it all.

Aggressive Bid Strategy

When it comes to deciding which ads end up where on a search-results page, a significant determining factor comes from the advertiser’s willingness to pay for specific keywords, otherwise known as their keyword bid. Our staff has spent years studying ad trends and perfecting our bid strategy to ensure that absolutely none of your ad budget is being under or over-utilized.

Landing Page Optimization

Visitors typically only click on an ad when they’re on a hunt for something specific. With that being said, you need to guarantee that a potential customer can have their hunt satisfied immediately after clicking on your ad. We’ll make sure that each ad is coupled with a highly effective landing page that provides customers with all of the information they need to know about your business and its services.

Ad Copywriting

It can seem easy to lump all of the online behemoths, like Google and Facebook, into one category to be treated the same. When it comes to the copy in the ads for these platforms, however, it couldn’t be any different. Our team has understood for years the importance of matching effective copy and images to the overall success of your PPC campaign, as well as matching copy to fit your intended audience. We’ll guarantee that the ads being published to one target audience on Pinterest don’t look or sound the same as the ads being published to another audience on Bing.


Remarketing is the practice of trying to reel back in customers who’ve previously visited your site, clicked on an ad of yours, or abandoned a cart. This idea might sound strange at first, but don’t knock it: customers who see remarketed ads are 70% more likely to convert on your website. While our team will optimize your ads to retain high-quality customers, we’ll also analyze our collected data about your target audience’s online behavior to target your potential customers more effectively.

A/B Testing

In the 21st century, data is everything and it’s no different with digital marketing. At Seven Ages Design, we will continuously run tests on your ads and determine how they're affecting key metrics and ROI. From the headline, to the body, to the links, to the images, to the keywords themselves, we’ll work to optimize each component of individual ads to maximize the return on your overall PPC campaign.

Conversion Tracking

Once you’ve set up and begun your Google Ads campaign, it’s time to determine precisely how it’s affecting things like newsletter signups, leads, downloads, and sales. We’ll run regular reports that display exactly what pathways a potential customer takes after they click on your ad. Once we can see the components of the ads that need improvement, we’ll adjust the campaign strategy to meet your business’s conversion goals.

Keyword Monitoring

The key to any successful PPC effort is determining the right keywords that yield the most attention from the people viewing your ads. Once we’ve determined the most effective keywords your customers are searching for on the web, our team will monitor the performance of the chosen keywords in your ad campaigns.


At the end of the day, we want you to know what’s going on and how exactly we’re successfully managing your digital marketing. Every client is provided with detailed reports outlining the strategies and results of each PPC campaign.

Benefits of PPC Marketing

Improve Advertising Effectiveness

PPC has the unique ability to reach a variety of audiences across all devices. By choosing a company like Seven Ages Design, you ensure that your customized ads can reach whoever you want, wherever they may be, at whatever time, all while only spending as much as you think is appropriate. The biggest upside? When your campaign is successful, we can quickly scale it up for your bigger and better advertising needs.

Boost Your Digital Footprint

Who doesn’t want to be recognizable? Our team of engineers will help display your business, logo, and vision to a limitless array of customers across a sea of relevant websites and search engines. By investing in the PPC management services offered by Seven Ages Design, you’re guaranteeing that your company’s brand will proudly make its mark online.

Convert More Leads

PPC Ads are both engaging and dynamic, and that’s why they work so well. Our team specializes in understanding consumer behavior and choosing effective target audiences for your digital marketing efforts. Using both our own experience and the data collected from your Google Analytics account, we’ll target custom ads to the highest-quality users who are most likely to purchase from your business.

Maximize ROI

"Why fix something that’s not broken?" is the mantra for PPC and Social Media Advertising. Our custom-tailored ads both maximizes ad position and makes sure that no penny from your ad budget is unnecessarily spent or unspent. Using the data we collect from each campaign, we will measure the effectiveness of each ad and its components. In doing this, we are able to provide our clients the ability to plan appropriate advertising budgets for any subsequent campaigns.

Get started with Pay Per Click Marketing!

PPC has taken the digital marketing space by storm due to its ease-of-access, its cost-effectiveness, and the ROI it offers. There is just no comparison for the value provided by Pay-Per-Click advertising, with its ability to maximizing your business’s reach while providing the means to quickly increase revenue. Just as there is no substitute for this tool, there’s no replacement for the value added by the PPC management team at Seven Ages Design.

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