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One of the most popular and powerful PPC Advertising tools available today is Google AdWords. Its power and popularity comes from available tools like remarketing, SEO metrics, location targeting, and more. And the best part – you choose your price. We can help you create an AdWords account that will drive traffic to your website and boost sales.

Benefits of Using AdWords

  • Faster Than SEO

    One of the biggest drawbacks of organic SEO is that it can potentially take months before you see any results. With AdWords, you don’t need to worry about that. Once you create a campaign and go live with it, ads will appear on the results pages of relevant searches.
    Unlike traditional SEO, you don’t need to concern yourself with titles, headings, meta descriptions, and alt tags. While these are all important things to put on your site, AdWords puts you on the top without the hassle of creating these elements on every page.

  • Location Targeting

    If you sell products or services to a specific location, AdWords can make sure your ads are only seen by searchers near you. If you run a small shop or a mobile computer repair business, for example, you can limit where people can see you. This can be set with a selected radius from your business, or you can set what towns and cities you work in to limit where people will be calling you from.

  • Budget Flexibility

    Advertising can be a costly endeavor. You have to pay a set amount of money for a set number of advertisements, sometimes over a set period of time. With AdWords, you don’t need to worry about that. You can set the total amount of money you want to spend per day. This allows you to run multiple ads with smaller budgets, then raise the daily budget on the ad that’s working best for you.

  • In-Depth Metrics

    AdWords allows you to see who your target audience is, how many times they visit your website, what keywords they used to find your ad, and even how many times they call you from your ad or website. All this is done from a very user-intuitive dashboard. You can see everything from page visits to general geographic location of your clientele.

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