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How can Email Marketing Benefit My Business?

Email marketing regularly delivers the highest ROI for businesses that utilize their campaigns effectively. Not only will keeping a successful email marketing campaign in place secure more business for your company, it will also drive more web traffic and increase and improve your placement on search engine results.

Our marketing team at Seven Ages Design is equipped with all of the tools needed to craft the perfect email promotional campaign for your business and we have the analytical data to provide you with key insights to your customers' online behaviors. Delivering the right message from your business at key times is a great tool to drive more customer interactions and grow your online presence effectively.

Email Marketing Benefits

Cost Effective For Any Budget

When your store exists on the internet, there are a number of costs you can avoid. Since you don’t have to worry about a physical location, you can save hundreds of dollars per month and just worry about your domain name and hosting. You also don’t need to worry about personnel. Checkout, billing, inventory management, and other operational processes are automated by your eCommerce system.

Interact With Your Opt-In Customer Base

Growing your email list not only increases your digital footprint but it is also one of the few ways in which your customers can ask for your solicitations. The customers on your email list want to hear about your promotions and have most likely opted in via your website. This audience is much more likely to convert, share promotions with friends and family, or contact you for a service your business provides versus unsolicited marketing outreach campaigns.

Custom Geo-Targeted Reach

Through targeted email outreach, your marketing materials can be served only to the potential customers who fall within a specific audience. If a specific region of your business needs to be targeted for a promotion, it can be easily and effectively marketed to by arranging a specific blast for that region of the country. Many studies have proven that specifically targeted email lists are much more effective at driving web traffic and sales than mass email efforts.

Increase Revenue

Billions of dollars are generated each year thanks to email marketing. In the era of online impulse buying, there are few better places on the web to make a quick and direct purchase for your customer than through a well-placed link in an email blast.

Grow Your Digital Footprint

Our email marketing specialists have access to all of the tools needed to create the perfect email campaign for your business. Custom created images and video goes a long way on your website and Social Media pages. The same approach works well with your email outreach.

Customer Interaction

A well-written email can invoke a response from your customer base; be it a fun fact about your business or the next great promotion you are offering, your customers have a direct line to interact and forward your message along to their friends and family on the internet.

Immediate Results

Many email campaigns see interactions and conversions within minutes of a successful email blast. In this modern era, most of your customers receive emails instantly on their mobile devices. Creating a successful 24-hour sale campaign or similar promotion drives many customers to make a purchase or place an order through your outgoing email.

Return On Investment

Over the years, email marketing has not only been an effective promotional tool for many businesses, but the return on investment from email campaigns has also increased year-over-year. Coupled with your Social Media and PPC campaigns, email marketing is a great and effective tool for stretching your marketing dollars on the internet.

Communication Tool

Over 90% of your potential customers use email every day. Email outreach is a highly effective tool that puts your promotion or marketing materials directly in the inbox of your potential client. Additionally, studies show that effective email campaigns are likely to be forwarded and shared giving you the chance to expand your efforts and be seen by new potential customers.

Email Marketing Services

Content Creation

Thoughtful and effective graphics and video go a long way in delivering the right message to your email subscribers. Our design team specializes in effective content across all channels to help catch the eye and retain the attention of your target audience.

List Segmentation

Not every customer will qualify for every promotion. Delivering the right message at the right time is the difference between creating an interaction or a quickly trashed email. Developing lists and target groups is an important step in every email campaign. Let our team help you organize your email subscribers into an effectively targeted audience.

A/B Testing

Our team will regularly test the most effective ways to reach your client base and implement a successful and ever-changing strategy. Reviewing your Email Marketing outreach data will help fine-tune future campaigns and meet future company goals.

Analytics/Data Reporting

At the end of the day, all that matters are the results. At Seven Ages Design, we believe that it is important to understand the data behind each email campaign. Our team of digital marketing specialists will deliver easy to understand analytics for each of your outgoing messages.
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Why Pick Seven Ages Design as Your Digital Marketing Partner?

Seven Ages Design has a long list of satisfied clients across the United States. We have proudly worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes. From educational institutions like North Carolina State University to chart topping major record labels like Warner Brothers and Island Records, we have proudly worked with some of the best organizations in the world, while also priding ourselves on our business relationships within our community and local startups across the country.

Our team of experts is extremely knowledgeable about marketing your business, and our experience has enabled our digital branding agency in Raleigh, NC to grow year after year due to our hands-on approach to every client and job we take on. We understand the unique challenges you face when marketing your business on the world wide web.

Custom web development is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to marketing your business, and Seven Ages Design has the experts in place to ensure your business meets its marketing goals. From Social Media, PPC and SEO to email marketing and video content, we handle the entire end to end experience for any marketing efforts your business needs.

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