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What Is Digital Marketing?


Fewer things are as integral to the success of a modern business than the presence of a cohesive and effective digital marketing strategy. 4.1 billion people log online every day, and that number is only growing. Companies are continually expanding their perspective on effectively communicating their vision, services, and brand to the growing digital community, and for good reason: Facebook now dominates both online and offline purchasing habits of its users, Google’s local search functionality now leads to in-store purchases for 50% of its users, and email marketing continues to provide higher levels of ROI each consecutive year.

By this point, it’s easy for anyone to understand the inherent value in effective digital marketing. The questions remaining are those starting with the word ‘Can’. ‘Can I effectively frame my organization’s marketing goals in an innovative way?’. Can I facilitate the maximization of key metrics?’. ‘Can my organization continue to build our brand effectively, while also yielding new followers?’ With Seven Ages Design leading your digital marketing efforts, the answer to all those questions, and more, is a resounding ‘Yes’.

Debunking Digital Marketing Myths


While the internet seems like an endless trove of resources that make our lives easier, it’s also proven to be a bastion for misinformation. While some know how to siphon out the noise from their marketing strategy, some aren’t so lucky. That’s why we here at Seven Ages Design want to take the time to set the record straight. Below is our attempt to dispel three of the most dangerous misconceptions people have about digital marketing.

Mobile Users Don't Convert Well

We’ve heard it time and time again: “People might look at my site on their phones, but they’re going to wait until they’re on their desktop before they buy anything!”. In reality, it’s been proven that users are converting at increasingly higher rates across all mobile devices. It’s reasonable to assume that this myth was formulated due to mobile users’ deterrence from the sheer number of poorly conceived mobile websites. With 46% of people saying they won’t purchase from a poorly designed mobile website, it’s a wonder why only 56% of businesses invest in their mobile user experience. Luckily, the most-foolproof solution to a lack of mobile conversion can be found in making your website responsive.

SEO Isn't Worth Your Time

This misconception has been around as long as SEO itself has been around. While the SEO tactics and strategies of a decade ago won’t yield any worthwhile results today, this compelling facet of inbound marketing isn’t going anywhere. SEO’s toolkit has only grown more capable of providing effective digital marketing solutions over time. SEO has slowly evolved into a comprehensive web of metrics and items to account for including things like backlinks, site speed, site performance, site security, social integration, user experience, mobile friendliness, content comprehensiveness, and so much more.

Building A Website Is Enough To Attract Visitors

We’ve all heard this story before: a business decides to take the crucial first step in constructing their online presence by building a website. They believe that, with a well-designed site sporting mobile responsiveness, potential clients won’t have a choice but stop in and visit. While we wish that were the case, it simply isn’t. The fact is that setting up your website is only the first part of the puzzle - what follows is the truly hard work of attracting visitors to your site. This is where the importance of investing in a team who understands the exact ways and means of attracting your target audience really shines through.

Getting Started with Digital Marketing


Investing in a cohesive and well-designed digital marketing strategy is the most prudent decision a business can make in the 21st century. With this in mind, one would hope they’re met with an expert team boasting consummate professionalism and a passion for helping businesses surpass their organizational goals. Deciding to work with Seven Ages Design guarantees that those hopes will be met time after time.

Our digital marketing solutions have provided our clients with the tools necessary to accelerate their business’ growth and overall success. Our patented social media management strategies have facilitated the growth of our clients’ brands and visions amongst both their core audiences and new viewers, alike. Our dedication to certain detailed reporting and tracking methods have guaranteed that our clients’ progress is trackable, scalable, and flexible. Our team has also spent years perfecting our SEO strategy and management capabilities to deliver the best results possible. Whether you’re trying to expand your reach locally or globally, our expert engineering staff will formulate and execute a plan to make your site rank higher with all search engines.

Another important asset to keep in mind when planning your digital marketing campaign is PPC marketing. From determining perfect target audiences to providing quality ad copywriting, and much more, we’ll ensure that your PPC ad campaign effortlessly maximizes ROI. We also know that nothing drives interest and engagement quite like quality content. That’s why we’ve masterfully honed our skills in all facets of content design, production, and development. Whether your organization needs snappy and interesting copy written, eye-catching video to be shot, or anything else related to digital content creation, we’ve got you covered. These are only a few examples of how Seven Ages Design dedicates itself to providing our clients with the digital marketing solutions right for their organization and its goals.

Digital Marketing Services in Raleigh, NC


Social Media Strategy

With 2.56 billion users, and an additional one million added each day, it’s clear social media isn’t a fad of the passing times; it’s here to stay. We’ll help you define key metrics of success to watch for in individual social media campaigns across a variety of platforms. Once we’ve defined the key metrics of each campaign, we’ll also help plan out the ideal content formats we feel are best for fostering high levels of engagement amongst your targeted audiences. Best of all, we’ll produce a social media strategy that’s flexible, above all else; that way we can make quick and effective changes when presented new information, without damaging any progress we’ve made along the way.

Social Media Management

Once we’ve planned and executed your individual social media campaigns, we’ll keep them growing at whatever pace you feel is appropriate. Via our commitment to employing detailed reporting into our strategy, we’ll orient your campaigns to maximize key metrics of success. We’ll also further optimize the content we publish and distribute so we can exponentially grow your audience’s engagement with your brand. With Seven Ages Design at the helm of your social media efforts, you’re guaranteeing that your company’s vision will be seen and shared by more users than you ever thought possible.

Content Creation

As a premier boutique digital marketing agency in Raleigh NC, we recognize that different content serves different purposes. That’s why we became experts in all forms of digital content. If it’s professionally crafted videos for a burgeoning YouTube channel or just a simple introductory video for your homepage, our professional video staff is ready to start filming whenever you are. Whether you’re looking for a rewrite of existing copy on your website or if you’re starting from scratch, our copywriting team already has their pens out. If you’re looking to better optimize your aesthetic on Instagram, our wonderful social media staff is ready to take your online presence to the next level. Whether you’re just starting to plant your stakes online or you’re trying to give your website that extra boost, it all starts with two things: masterfully curated content and Seven Ages Design.


At the heart of every powerful website is line after line of evocative and eye-grabbing copy. That’s why our professionally trained copywriting staff boasts the ability to effectively communicate your organization’s vision across a variety of written mediums. We specialize in all forms of written copy. Be it for case studies which detail your company’s proven successes when working with multiple clients, curated blogs underscoring your organization’s encyclopedic knowledge of your field, or even just touching up your main website’s copy to be more SEO or user-friendly, hiring Seven Ages Design’s copy staff is always the write choice.



One of the most confusing components of any effective digital marketing campaign is search engine optimization. While confusing, the inclusion of this titanic medium of inbound marketing is increasingly necessary for the success of small and big businesses alike. Luckily, we’ve spent years perfecting our strategies and tactics to make sure our clients’ sites rank well with search engines and constantly stay abreast to changes in their algorithms. This is achieved by curating unique and quality content for our clients to pad their sites with. Couple this with the optimizations to security, performance, and mobile responsiveness we install, and what you’re left with is a website that search engines can’t help but direct their users to.


We here at Seven Ages Design have long spoken about our allegiance to Pay-Per-Click marketing, and for good reason. Not only is this form of outbound marketing easily entered, trackable, and reportable, while also working hand-in-hand with SEO, but it also possesses immense audience targeting capabilities that are sure to yield high ROI. From planning the audience you seek to target, to writing enticing ad copy, to optimizing the landing pages once you get those clicks, to tracking the progress of the ads, we’ll do it all. With Seven Ages Design managing your PPC campaign, you’ll be astounded at how quickly you’ll begin generating quality leads.

Video Production

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth 1.8 million. Not only does this extremely dynamic and engaging medium boost open rates of emails by 19%, but it’s also thought to be the type of content with the highest ROI. Professional video production allows you to build your brand in a deeply personal yet aesthetically significant way. Investing in high-quality video production also allows you to appeal to a broader spectrum of viewers at once, allowing for the greatest reach possible. We’ll take care of everything from storyboarding, finding and organizing the right crew, shooting the piece, optimizing sound and music design, and finally mastering and editing. We’ll even send you the bloopers once we’re done! There’s no sweeter sound than hearing “Lights! Camera! Action!” come from a Seven Ages Design video shoot.

Branding and Design

At its core, every business strives to be a household name like the ones we grew up with: Coca-Cola, Ford, NBC. These businesses all have one thing in common: they each have a strong brand identity. With Seven Ages Design’s design staff, you can be on your way to possessing a brand of similar strength and recognition. We’ll help you form a cohesive brand identity no matter what stage of business you’re at. We’ll be there at every step of your brand’s development: from logo and aesthetic design, to crafting a consistent copywriting voice and style, to maintaining thoughtful behaviors relative to audience engagement, and everything in between. Whether you’re a mom and pop store or on the cusp of being an international conglomerate, we’re excited to help make your organization’s name and vision know the world over.

Your Digital Marketing Guru


A comprehensive digital marketing strategy is essential to any business’ success. In this day and age, there are so many different avenues to take that it can seem overwhelming to try and figure out which strategies are right for your business. With Seven Ages Design, you’ll never have to worry. We understand that different businesses need different things, and we embrace those challenges. We’re prepared to help you make an impact online in whatever way you think is best. Our elite staff boasts years of expertise in all facets of the exciting world of digital marketing.

If you’re looking to boost your website’s search engine ranking, you’ve come to the right place. If you feel your business isn’t living up to its ad potential, give us a call. If you think that a beautifully shot and edited video is what it takes to push you above the competition, fill out the form below. If you’re ready to take your organization’s digital presence to heights you’ve never thought possible, then you’re ready to do business with Seven Ages Design.

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