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At Seven Ages Design, we believe in a strong SEO impact - and when it comes to basic SEO, speed is key. One great way to improve the speed of your site is to implement a Content Delivery Network (CDN). By using a Content Delivery Network, your site will be blazing fast - an aspect of your site that ranks heavily with search engines.


The Content Delivery Network that Seven Ages Design chooses to use is Cloudfront, a service provided by Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services is the host of many internet-based super corporations, including Netflix, Airbnb, Comcast, McDonald's, and more! Due to their high profile clientele and the incredibly fast speeds you see on every major website using their services, we believe using Amazon Web Services' Cloudfront as our Content Delivery Network framework is the best way to serve your static assets to the public. With Amazon Web Services and Cloudfront as the framework backing our Content Delivery Network service, we guarantee a significant increase in speed and SEO friendliness.

What is a CDN?

A Content Delivery Network is a network of computers spread around the world that cache the static files your website serves. This means anything that doesn't change very often, such as images and scripts that make your website look the way it does, are available to people on servers closer to their physical location. By having these caches available to your visitors, website load times are kept to a bare minimum for anyone viewing your site. On top of your website becoming faster thanks to localized servers, your own web server won’t have to do nearly as much work as it would without a Content Delivery Network. Thanks to the CDN handling network traffic, your website will be able to connect to databases and run background tasks much more quickly and efficiently.

Because of the sheer amount of traffic your site is likely to get, especially if you run an eCommerce website, a Content Delivery Network is highly recommended. It will allow you to deliver a fast, seamless experience to your viewers, which increases your chance of conversion or sales across your site. Because your products and pages are loaded from a database, offloading your static content to a separate networking framework will boost the speed at which data is retrieved. Not only does this help with your site's speed - it helps your server work faster than ever to give you and your users the best and fastest browsing experience possible.

Benefits of a Content Delivery Network

Increased Speed

Thanks to localized servers (edge caches), your site will be blazing fast without any extra stress on your own server.

Improved SEO

A fast site is an SEO friendly site. With a CDN, your page will rank higher on search engines thanks to increased speeds.

Better Response Time

Using a CDN to deliver your static assets allows your server to focus on other important aspects of running a site.

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Increase Your Website's Speed

Lightning fast content delivery will help improve your viewer's experience and have a huge impact on SEO. By using CloudFront, you can ensure your users have a great experience browsing your site. Talk to a CDN Expert today by calling 919.589.3655 or filling out the form below.