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WasteZero is a custom bag engineering and manufacturing company whose mission is to solve the waste problem with cutting edge waste management solutions.

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WasteZero, the leading custom bag engineering company on the east coast, contacted Seven Ages Design with a few big requests. They were looking for a website to serve as their online venue for sales, as well as a place to completely customize a bag - color, imagery, size, et cetera. With such a large company, we made sure to take every measure to make the transition to their new site as smooth as possible.

Custom Creations

WasteZero engineers and manufactures bags for all sorts of companies. Because of this, they needed a way for people to order brand-specific products. After discussing the logistics of this, we created a user-friendly system with the power to customize a bag with text, images, and different colors.

Waste Zero Custom Bag Builder

Creating the bag builder was a new experience for us. We were given the opportunity to create a layered web application that could dynamically change based on user input. The bag builder had to be easy to use, powerful enough to support any necessary customization, and visually appealing. In the end, we were able to achieve that and more, adding the ability to download a printable copy of the bag design or save it to a user account.

Online Orders

Another reason the site was needed was for an online storefront. WasteZero was looking for an easy to use, visually appealing solution for their online sales. To accommodate this, we chose to use WooCommerce. That allowed us to create a template for product pages, add important information about each bag to the description, and organize featured products with ease.

Waste Zero Catalogue

Because of the extensible nature of WooCommerce, we were also able to install many features that WasteZero found important. We gave them the ability to connect to services their business uses on a regular bases - billing software, shipping methods, and accounting products, among others. This helped ensure their business could continue to run as smoothly as possible right out of the box.

Data Management

WasteZero originally sold their products on BigCommerce. They wanted to use something more integrated on their site, so we used WooCommerce instead. Because of the way the two sales systems work, the sales and customer information couldn’t easily be transferred over. We needed a way to preserve that data and move it to the new site.

To solve this problem, we came up with a solution using spreadsheets. WasteZero had their customer data and past orders organized on a spreadsheet that would work with BigCommerce. We used our knowledge of WooCommerce to come up with a method of moving that data over. All that was needed was some time and effort to convert the entries into something WooCommerce could read and put it in another spreadsheet that we could use on the new site.

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