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John Nolan is an American musician, known for playing in the bands Taking Back Sunday and Straylight Run.

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John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday approached Seven Ages Design for his personal website. This project was to help promote his solo work, as well as showcase his work with other bands that he’s played in. We were tasked with making a website that helps to highlight John as an individual artist. To do this, we took a few creative measures to ensure we could meet that goal.

Making It Personal

One thing that’s more personal than anything else is a person’s handwriting. We took this and turned it into one of the key elements on John’s website. The original idea was to add a handwritten letter to the fans to the site, but we took this a step further.

John Nolan Letter to the Fans

The titles of every section on his site and the menu items are all written by John and put into a format that can be used on the web. This gave the site a much more personal, journal-like feeling. We did the same thing for his logo – his signature was turned into a flashing neon sign graphic.

With his long history of playing music, John has collected a wide array of backstage passes, photos, and other memorabilia. We wanted to show some of that off, so we added photos of all of it. We also got pictures of some of his handwritten lyric sheets and notebooks he’s used throughout the years. There’s nothing quite as personal as the original work of an artist.


John wanted to showcase his music. We took every album he’s performed on and turned it into a beautiful discography gallery. This gallery includes the album title, the performing band, members of the band, production notes, a track list, and track times. Every bit of John’s music is displayed, allowing people to see the profound amount of artistic work he’s put in over the years.

John Nolan Discography Screenshot

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