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High Tech Home Warranties is a national warranty provider. They offer flexible service plans to more than half the states in the US.

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High Tech Home Warranties, a national warranty provider, approached us with a few requests. They wanted to take their old, dated site and turn it into something new – something beautiful with a modern edge. We took all the information they provided for this modernized website and made exactly what they came to us for.

Using bold colors and a cheerful video header, we made an eye-catching homepage that draws in visitors of the site. Our goal was to show people that home warranties can help provide comfort and peace of mind. Throughout the page, we showcase people with smiles on their faces in comfortable situations.

State Pages

One of the biggest things High Tech Home Warranties wanted to feature was that they’re available in more than half the states in the US. We helped them showcase this through the use of a service map, highlighting the states where their service is available.

With the service map, we were able to link states to a state-specific web page. These pages include unique text relevant to the state page, as well as the top cities where the service is available.

Custom Coverage

With High Tech Home Warranties, we had to make an advanced form solution. They offer a few different warranty packages, all of which are fully customizable. To do this, we had to create a form that allows people to request coverage as well as add custom items to those coverage plans. To facilitate the vast number of options available to a customer, we created a three-page form with a payment solution at the end.

Payment Solutions

When customers of High Tech Home Warranties decide on a plan and go to checkout, they’re presented with two options – PayPal or Stripe. We integrated these two payment methods to accommodate customers of all sorts. With Stripe, you can pay directly from the website using your credit card – a feature that creates a more site-unified checkout system. Because we also integrated PayPal functionality, people are able to log into PayPal to make their payment, giving users of the popular financial service a quick and easy way to pay for their selected plan.

Visual Data

Because they’re such a large company, High Tech Home Warranties expressed interest in having their analytics monitored. We set up a Google Analytics account and installed the necessary features on the site to track data pertinent to their operations – where customers are visiting their site from, what kind of services they’re searching for, and how long they spend reading about those services before making a purchase. With Google Analytics, we’re able to give them a visual representation of all this data, in the form of charts and graphs.

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