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He Is Legend is a hard rock band from North Carolina. The band consists of Schuylar Croom (vocals), Adam Tanbouz (lead guitar), Matt Williams (bass), and Denis Desloge (rhythm guitar, backing vocals).

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He Is Legend, a well-known hard rock band from North Carolina, came to us with a need for a website to showcase their band’s work - specifically for their newest album, few. When they approached us, they made it clear that they needed a dark, almost supernatural appearance to their site.

After reviewing the graphics that they provided, we settled on a very distinct, creepy design. Using elements from their album cover and various images from the liner notes, we created a spooky, dark backdrop for the entry page.

The Splash Page

In the interest of truly showcasing the mood of the album, we opted to take elements from the album’s cover art. The backdrop is a dark forest, with rough drawn lines. This gives a spooky appearance that’s fitting of a hard rock band’s newest album. The background changes when you move your mouse over the screen – the image is broken up into several layers that follow the mouse, giving the illusion that you’re looking around the woods.

Alluding the Arcane

To further employ the use of visual imaging, we took various images from the liner notes and turned them into something really eye-popping. Upon entering the website, you’re greeted with the band’s name, encircled with moving, ghostly images of bones, birds, moons, and various other esoteric-seeming icons. The effect is visually stunning, giving the appearance of an arcane ritual taking place in a cabin deep in the woods. This theme continues throughout the page, showcasing the dark album artwork in the background of every section.


On top of advertising their new album, He Is Legend wanted a band website for their past and future works. To accommodate this, we added a number of band-related features to the site. To showcase all of their past albums, we created a discography slider – a quick and easy way to view all the albums that He Is Legend has recorded over the years. We also included a tour date calendar, which allows you to buy tickets to any live shows they’re playing. Finally, we included a place for them to showcase their merchandise – shirts, albums, and product bundles. We were able to tie this into a separate merchandising service, allowing them to pick their provider.

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