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Horse & Pet Care
Banixx is an industry leader in topical antimicrobial sprays and shampoo for all pets. Since 2006, Banixx has produced a top-selling multi-purpose non-toxic solution that has aided in a wide range of ailments for an array of animals including horses, dogs, cats, chickens, exotic birds, reptiles, and other farm animals. Horse owners use it for Scratches, Rain Rot, Thrush, White Line Disease, Cuts and Wounds. Dog owners discovered that Banixx safely treats Ear Infections, Hot Spots, Yeast Infections, Ringworm, Rashes, and Wounds. Cat owners, who have a hard time finding safe products for their felines, rely on it for Ringworm, Abscesses, Wounds, Ear Yeast Infections, and Topical Dermatitis. It can be used on Chickens for Pecking Sores, Vent Area Infections, Foot and Leg injuries. It’s great for cleaning Nest Boxes, Incubators, and Brooders. Banixx has additionally made its way into the homes of Exotic Bird owners, Reptile lovers, Alpaca hobby farms, and ranches all over the United States. In addition, zoos, wildlife groups, and rescues were quick to add this product to their facilities due to its multi-species and tissue-friendly properties. Pet owners and animal caretakers especially love that Banixx is pain-free and odor free, thus making it incredibly easy to apply.

Project Objectives

Update website structure and aesthetic to reflect modern responsive design practices

Improve user experience and website speed through image optimization and page caching

Implement a fully responsive, user-friendly website experience using WordPress

Improve the speed and experience of the Store Finder using Google Maps API integrations

Improve SEO tactics by implementing current SEO and web design standards

Make the uses of the product apparent for pet owners and provide easy-to-find FAQ help for application of the product

Our Mission Statement

A great website is fast, informative, and responsive. Its interactive design inspires you to click through and make a purchase. It leaves a lasting impression and keeps you coming back.

Every business should strive to have a great website, but the path to get there can seem overwhelming. That’s because websites are much like a living, breathing entity - there’s no single change you can make for them to look and feel their best. The best websites require constant maintenance and updates from a caring team of professionals to guarantee their success - a team like Seven Ages Design.

Looking to make their website more effective, dynamic, and unforgettable, Banixx came to us in 2017. With an incredible product and an even better team behind their brand. Working on their website has been an incredibly rewarding experience that has taught both of our businesses many valuable lessons along the way.

Phase I


Banixx is a unique client for us, in that the business’s owners were already passionate about using SEO techniques to their advantage. Before we got our hands on the website, they’d already been able to drive hundreds of thousands of users to organically. It was imperative that we not compromise any of that work and that we include all of their original content into the design of their new website

We knew that with this design overhaul, we’d have to focus on two things: making the site cleaner and more modern while also ensuring that its aesthetic was engaging for animal owners and caretakers. We developed several mockups and used horses as the primary focus since equine customers are Banixx’s bread and butter.

Phase II

Tackling The Functionality Issues of the Original Website

Where To Buy Tool

Imagine being the owner of a suffering pet and hearing about this great product called Banixx. It’s easy to use and it’s consistently praised as an affordable and effective pet care solution. Like so many others, you would probably want to find out where your nearest supplier is so you could go and buy it. There are over 3000 stores that carry Banixx, so chances are that it’s available in your city. Knowing their product was widespread and growing in popularity, Banixx’s team wanted to figure out how they could efficiently direct customers to stores that carry their product.

The initial solution was simple: after going to, customers would find a tab labeled “Buy Banixx”. Clicking here would take you to a page that contained an input field where you could plug in your address and a preferred search radius. After entering your address, the website would deliver a list of all of the retail outlets carrying Banixx within the distance of the search radius.

This sounds like an effective solution, but the results were less than ideal. In order to deliver such a thorough listing, Banixx’s previous website had to laboriously pull this data from its server. As if this wasn’t taxing enough, the website then had to work to display all of that information on the page. This vital page of Banixx’s site now had long load times, increased bounce rates, and decreased customer satisfaction.

Google Maps API Integration

Upon hearing these issues, our staff got to work. Soon after we started, the answer became clear. We kept the input fields for customers to plug in their address and search radius, but with one small change: we decided to embed Google Maps into the page. Instead of Banixx’s previous hosting server having to manually pull and display all of this data, we deferred that task to Google. Now, after going to the page and plugging in their address and search radius, customers are presented with a Google Maps display of stores carrying Banixx’s products. Customers can also simply let the site determine their location and be delivered the same display of stores.

Banixx and Seven Ages jointly decided to streamline the process for vendors to communicate that they stocked Banixx’s products. We developed a simple form that allowed retailers to submit their store and contact information, which would then be confirmed by Banixx’s team. Once confirmed, the store’s location and information were logged and displayed to customers on the Buy Banixx page.

The outcome of these changes was huge: the page’s bounce rate soon plummeted, and it has since become the website’s most visited page.

Phase III

Improving SEO and User Experience

Maintaining & Boosting SEO

If you own a website, you probably know about the importance of search engine optimization. Unfortunately, the steps to be ranked amongst the top results of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) can be filled with miscalculations, trial-and-error, and unnecessary frustration.

Banixx’s team knew they had a great product on their hands. Naturally, they wanted customers to easily find their website and get their important questions answered. Luckily, they had Seven Ages Design’s SEO team to help get them there.

We at Seven Ages know that designing and executing an effective SEO strategy follows the same rule as developing a website: there’s no magic formula. It’s a multi-step process that requires maintenance, updating, and even the occasional pivot.

For starters, we moved Banixx’s website from Joomla to Wordpress. Wordpress performs better and it’s therefore preferred by search engines. We also took on the task of hosting Previously, their website was hosted by a provider that couldn’t effectively handle their needs. This led to slower page speed and drastically reduced site performance.

To further boost page speed, we focused on optimizing the display of the numerous photos of animals across their site. Originally, these images were low-quality and demanded a lot of effort from the server to display properly. We fixed this by collecting hundreds of animal pictures and running them through image-compression software. Banixx’s website was now able to keep its hundreds of adorable critters without having to sacrifice its performance.

Putting Customers First

On top of being a high-performing Wordpress site, we also knew their site needed to be responsive. By definition, a responsive website is one that automatically configures its layout for the type of device it's being viewed from. With mobile devices comprising a higher percentage of total internet traffic every year, having a responsive website has become a requirement in order to rank highly with search engines. Previously, Banixx was sporting an entirely separate mobile site, and it wasn’t doing them any favors.

Our developers worked to ensure their site would be both aesthetically pleasing and effective at driving conversions, regardless of the viewing device. The outcome has been astonishing: thanks to the responsive and intuitive design of Banixx’s new mobile site, 77% of their traffic now comes from mobile devices.

Banixx came to us looking for help with SEO, but it turned out that they already knew a thing or two. They demonstrated a thorough understanding of the importance of content and how it affects search engine rankings. If you went to their original website, you’d notice just how many pages, articles, and blog posts there were. These weren’t just pages with short snippets, either; the pages were filled with informative and engaging content. There was just one problem: it wasn’t easy to search through. With so much time spent creating and refining such valuable content, it was surprisingly difficult for customers to find specific information.

With this in mind, we implemented a simple, yet impactful addition to increase their site’s navigability and performance: a search bar. Instead of hopping from page to page to find what you’re looking for, their site can now deliver immediate, relevant answers to you. For example, if you want to find out how to use Banixx to treat a dog with a skin infection, you can find that answer in just a few short keystrokes.

Since beginning to work with them, Banixx’s rankings on SERPs have skyrocketed. Now, if you search terms relevant to their business, such as “dog ear infection treatment” or “horse skin infection treatment”, a Banixx URL is guaranteed to be sitting near the top of those search results.

Phase IV

The Final Product
The final website design is not only clean and beautiful, but it’s driving traffic and driving business like never before. When we began working with Banixx, their website was being visited by 267k a year. As soon as we launched the site, SEO began to see an immediate surge and in this past year, the website has received visits from 622k visitors.
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