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All-Phase Blinds & Shutters is a long-standing vendor of blinds, shutters, and shades, serving clients in the Triangle of North Carolina

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All-Phase Blinds & Shutters, a long-standing business in the Triangle, contacted us with a request to update their website. The content was old, the design was stale, and they needed something new and enthralling. We took their current site and turned it into a lead-generating powerhouse.

Because All-Phase is one of the better known outlets to purchase blinds, shutters, and other window hardware, their search engine ranking was fairly high. We were charged with creating a new website for them while maintaining their rank.

The Code Approach

Because of the number of customers All-Phase has, they were concerned about using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress or Joomla. Because of this, we opted to write their entire website in HTML, with a little PHP to do some of the heavy lifting. This allowed us to implement security measures that other systems wouldn’t have in place by default.

All-Phase Blinds HTML

Another benefit of using HTML is the loading time. With fewer files and scripts to pull from, the website was capable of loading much faster than one with a pre-installed theme and database files. This gave us the ability to load the homepage with images of their various products and services, drawing attention to the detail they give their clients.

Mobile First

With the growth in mobile visitors, All-Phase needed a platform that would shrink with the screen. Using various responsive design techniques, we were able to provide them with a website that not only continued to look good on mobile devices - we were able to add functionality to the site based on what type of device the visitor used. This includes sliders banners on desktop and buttons that allow a user to call on mobile devices.

All-Phase Blinds Mobile Screenshot

SEO Powerhouse

When All-Phase Blinds contacted us, they were already on the first page of Google searches for blinds in the area. With that in mind, we had to build a site that would adhere to their previous standards. Building the site required that we implement good SEO practices, from using meta tags to adding titles to the images - all the way down to planning out where we put our scripts.

All-Phase Blinds Google Search

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