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Seven Ages Design strives to be the best web solutions provider we can be. When we make our decisions on what software and frameworks to use, we choose to use only the best for your project. It’s because of this that we use Amazon Web Services as the backbone for our web solutions! Amazon Web Services offers everything from powerful servers to lightning fast Content Delivery Networks.

Amazon Web Services is the solution of many internet mega-corporations, including Netflix, Airbnb, Comcast, McDonald's, and more! As a service provider for some of the largest well-known companies, Amazon Web Services is our first choice when it comes to data security and web hosting. To provide you with the best experience, we choose to use a handful of their services, including Elastic Cloud Computing, Cloudfront, Simple Storage Solution, Simple Email Service, and Route53.

Elastic Cloud Compute

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As the framework for our hosting solutions, we use Amazon Web Services’ Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) service. This allows us to create personalized, powerful, and highly secure web servers for hosting your website. EC2 is available in multiple regions, so servers can be created near you or your primary viewer. In addition to having the ability to launch custom servers in your preferred location, we have the ability to scale them up to support your app, no matter how big or task intensive.

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One thing that can be done to help speed up your site is using a Content Delivery Network (CDN). The CDN that Amazon Web Services provides is called CloudFront. With CloudFront, your website’s static files - images, style sheets, and javascript - are cached on a networked server that’s close to your visitors.

By creating localized caches, your visitors will have an incredibly fast experience browsing your site. Another major benefit of using a CDN like CloudFront is the significant SEO boost you’re likely to receive - when it comes to search engines, speed is a major factor in your ranking.

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One of the most common issues with hosting is a lack of hard drive space. If you have a website that’s very media heavy - for example thousands of images or a lot of videos - then it’s a problem you’re likely to face sooner or later. With Amazon Web Services’ Simple Storage Service (S3) as an integral part of our framework, we can remove that limitation entirely. One of the largest users of S3 is Netflix - with petabytes of video - uses S3 for their data storage. By using the same framework as them, we can create a place for all your media files to live without the limitations you would expect from your typical web host!

By using S3, we can ensure that your files will always be available. Amazon Web Services boasts a whopping 99.9999% uptime guarantee by using redundant server technology, so your data is always stored in multiple databases in a fast, secure, ready-to-use manner. This guarantees that no matter what happens, your information will be available to your site’s visitors.

Simple Email Service

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A common issue with owning a website is that email will often times either not be delivered or arrive in the spam folder of your recipients. The Simple Email Service (SES) is the solution you want to turn to! SES is a service provided by Amazon Web Services that sends emails form your website directly to your visitor’s inbox - with no risk of them missing the update. This is done using their DKIM Authentication method. That means your domain name is registered with SES as a trusted domain, allowing your emails to go directly to the inbox without running the risk of winding up in a spam folder.

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