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One of the major benefits of using Amazon Web Services as a major part of our framework is the ability to use their Simple Storage Service (S3). This allows us to store files on a remote server, and also have the utmost confidence in the quality of the data storage. Because of the massive amount of data S3 has proven to manage efficiently and securely, as shown by its ability to host all the video files for Netflix, we decided to use it as our storage solution. This benefits not only us, but you as well.

With S3 on our tool belt, we can offer a number of benefits to you - from near-unlimited file storage to secure, readily available backups. Amazon’s S3 promises a massive 99.999% uptime, so your files and backups are always available to you and secured in the cloud.

Amazon S3 Logo

Thanks to the sheer amount of data S3 is capable of handling, your website and files can all be backed up to it. This includes videos, users, images - anything you can imagine. We use S3 to make sure that you always have a backup of your site available at the click of a button. Our backup service enables you to view archives of your site from the first day you choose to use it - and we store all of those backups in S3 for as long as you need them.

Media Hosting

Amazon S3 Logo

One of the biggest problems with hosting a website is storage capacity. If you’re a photography or video editor, you’re likely to run out of hard drive space after uploading your portfolio. This is harmful to your website, as filling the drive beyond capacity can cause issues with running scripts and uploading new material. With S3 as your media host, you no longer have to worry about that! When you host your website with us, we make sure that all of your media is stored in the cloud - so you don’t have to worry about running out of hard drive space.

Content Delivery

Amazon S3 Logo

A major benefit of using S3 to store your data is that it provides you with a much better way of delivering media to your viewers. Because it’s an Amazon Web Services product, it integrates neatly with the CloudFront CDN! This means your content is not only stored in a super-fast, super secure storage system - it can have its speed boosted even further through the use of a Content Delivery Network! This will allow users to download your media from a server closer to their physical location. That will both speed up your viewer’s browsing experience and take a lot of the work off of your web server, allowing it to put more resources into running other tasks like running scripts or sending out mass emails.

Our Services

What can we provide?

Now more than ever, it’s vital for businesses to be visible and easily connected to their clients and customers online. Seven Ages Design offers the experience and capacity of a large firm with the agility and personalization of a small business. Working with our team ensures that you receive both top-of-the-line web design and development and first-class service from people who are passionate about the success of your business.

Web Development

With our responsive web design, your website will be tailored to achieve your goals and look great in any browser, on any device.

Search Engine Optimization

75% of users never click past the first search results they see. With our SEO management, your site will be among those first results.

Professional Video Production

A video is the best way to digitally put a face to your brand. It can reach millions of people and convey exactly what you need it to.

Web Hosting and Maintenance

Ensure your website is performing optimally and operating securely with our web hosting services which include updates and daily backups.

SSL Certificate Installation

Whether your website represents a large corporation or a small business, it's imperative that you have the security of an SSL certificate.

Social Media Management

We develop custom social media content designed to engage your clientele, inform them of your services, and drive them to your website.

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